Wednesday, October 24, 2007

More bags

The big advantage of being a teacher, are the many holidays. The kids and me have the same holidays. This week is autum holiday week. And besides doing all kind of creative things with the children... I have been busy making more bags.
We made some felt toadstool candle lights
My oldest son made this building from Kapla blocks
My doughter had this little wool dress when she was two years old. I was always in love withe the little dress, so I saved it in a box. Until now. I made two bags out of them.
with the dress, my husband old jacket, fabrics and ribbons from my moms attic....
I started to make the two bags
I love to sort out were to put al the pieces.
And here you see the result.

Today I found my moms old favorite knitted vest... I think I'm going to suprise her with .... a bag.

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Yes! Yes! I just finished my first "Dutch colours" bag! It was so much fun to make it, and to sort out all the right fabrics and ribbons. Also the way to develop the bag was exciting. Because I put details of my old sweater and old fabrics in the bag, it has become a very personal bag.
front side
Dutch colours bag 1 front
back side
connecting-piece with mobile pocket
other connecting-piece with smal pocket made from the bottum of the sweater
I made a lining in the bag with two pockets. The great thing is, I only spend money on the linig fabric.

And now it's ready and waiting to be used.....And me, I'm busy, busy, busy making my next "Dutch colours" bag!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thoughts at night

Verry often my head can be so so full with all kind of thoughts. Thoughts about my children, about work, philosophic and creative thoughts, etc.... These thoughts can keep my awake at night and get my out of bed in the middle of the night.
One of these thoughts I'm sharing with you now:
I want to make a bag from a part of an old sweater,
bands and ribbons found at my mothers attic,
and different materials.
I made a little drawing that plopped up in my head.
I hope it's going to work out right....therefore
To be continued....

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Almost finished

I want to share with you my almost finished little bird quilt. The top is ready and i'm starting to quilt it now.

Yes, every spare moment I feel the NEED to finish this quilt and 'forget'all the houskeeping activities. The homefront does love the little birdquilt and they do allow me to have manny creative moments...... but there are these little softly annoying questions plopping up; "mam, do you now where" "did you wash my ...." And yes it can be a little messy in the house while I'm fulfilling my needs.
'Oh' how good it feels, those needs, and how cheerful we are while doing it.
And the homefront? wel, they just take and like us as we are with all our crazy needs!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Look what I found!

Isn't it great, sometimes you'll find things you even forgot you had them in the first place.(I'm sorry for my English)
I have these easy to make Yoyo thing, and they really are easy and fast to use. My sister has a heart I have a flower, so we can exchange them. Anyway I was making lot's of flowers and was in search for new material in my "bright material basket"

Then suddenly there they four little (crumpled) applique birds. I really forgot about them for years. But now I have all this new inspiration. I'm going to make a little quilt with the birds and the yoyo flowers in all these bright colours that I love so much. I think things always come together the way it's supposte to be!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

New Item

Hello again,

Most of you probably seen the new item my sister introduced on her blog. It's called "what's in the box". I think it's a great item. In my family we all have lot's of boxes filled up with 'work in progress'. As a child I'd love to peek in all the boxes our mother piled up in our house.

But today I want to share withe you my first "what's in the box" item. Every autumn I open this box to get the little gnome's and dwarf's out, which I made a few years ago. The children always love playing whith them.They give autumn a fairy-like feeling. Each year the collection grows. Yesterday I made this toadstool.I made it from wool whith a dry felt technique. I buy the pattern's for the gnomes and dwarf's in this store; de vuurvogel . There also are great internet store's like de witte engel where I like to get inspired.