Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tea cozy treasure,

End fifties my aunt and uncle imigrated to the U.S.A., as a lot of people imigrated in those tough years. The world was huge in those years, and my grandparents thought they would never see their dougther again. When they left, my mom made her this teacozy,


I love how she made and finished it with the band and lining.


As time passed by the world seems a lot smaller, and there have been many visits and warm contacts. On one of those last visits my aunt brought the teacozy back to the Netherlands and gave it to me.
I love and treasure it and it will stay in our family like one of those sweet family pieces.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

4 finished bags

Yes here they are, my 4 new bags!
It's always so much fun to figure out how to use the parts of a knitted sweater and fabrics in a bag. I hope you like them.

Pink winter, mesesenger bags

Pink winter, mesesenger bags

inside bag

I do like this pink flowered lining I bought it in the Oilily outlet store.

messenger bag, 'maple leaf'

messengerbag, 'Oak leaf'

messengerbag, backside

My son loved the golden inside pocket!

lining and inside bag

Time to start a new project!
Have a nice day,

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lucky me and paper bags

Erna from Blij als mij had a give- away and yes, yes, yes, I was the Lucky winner!
Look how great she made this,

okt. 08 165

She wrapped it so sweet,

okt. 08 161

I wear the ribbon with the two little toadstools around my neck!
Thanks Erna, I love it!!
And talking about wrapping…. Since I was a child we made paper gift bags. I did not make them for a long time but Last week my daughter and her friends made these gift bags!

how to make a paper gift bag

They are easy to make and always great to put a gift or treat in.
So I thought a little tutorial for all who want to make some too.

I always ask in the paint shop for free wallpaper books because wallpaper is just right to use for these bags.

how to make a paper gift bag how to make a paper gift bag

You can make any size of gift bag, I’ll show you how to do it.
1, Cut a piece of paper

how to make a paper gift bag how to make a paper gift bag

2, fold about 4 cm to the inside. Search for a right-angled firm box and fold the paper around it, the side and the bottom and glue it well.

how to make a paper gift bag how to make a paper gift bag

3, Be ware to make sharp fold lines. Fold both sides inside. then take the perforator and punch little wholes.

4, take a nice ribbon, put it thrue the wholes and Ready!

how to make a paper gift bag

The bags will be graet when you decorate them, you can do it before folding and glueing or after.

how to make a paper gift bag

And talking about bags and decorating, here a first picture of 4 finished messenger bags.

4 messengerbags made  from secondhand Oilily sweaters

Show you more next time!
Til then,

Saturday, October 18, 2008

What shall I wear?4 and more, .... Dutch..

Hi everyone,
Today I want to wear this,

part of What shall I wear?

This piece is also made from second hand Oilily clothes and fabric. like the trousers, I made a stitchery as well from this one. Maybe I'll make a little blanket when all the stitcheries are finished.

stitchery, what shall I wear?

If anyone would be interested, I could perhaps sell the patterns. Well, we'll think about that.
There are a lot of places you can inspired, by other bloggers, Flickr, other cultures etc.. Today I'll show a bit of my own inspiration. It's a great old book from 1947,

Traditional Dutch clothes

It's about old wind mills and Dutch traditional clothing. The book has these beautiful old coloured glued pictures. Look for yourself,

Traditional Dutch clothes

Traditional Dutch clothes

Dutch old traditional clothes

I hope you enjoy looking at them s much as I do.. and yes there ar a lot of these in the book to but I'll only show you this one,

wind molens

Well This was enough Dutch for today! There is only a little peek of 4 new bags I'm working on left to show you...

a peek of new bags

Good days to all of you,

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sweet hearts.

Just a quick post today..
to show you some new sweet hearts,

sweet hearts

and these,

sweet hearts

Have a good day,

Friday, October 10, 2008

What shall I wear? 3.

You must think, ‘she has been walking around in flower underwear the past days’… (since my last post). Yes I did …almost… I just couldn’t pick the right clothes…
But today it was really easy! We went for a autumn forest walk with all the children in my class. So I choose this,

what shall I wear?

And a raincoat,

what shall I wear?

luckily I didn’t need. The weather was just great! So was the walk! Young kids are so curious and open-minded look what they found;

'kijk juf, wat een mooie paddenstoel'

how does the toadstool look on the underside

How does the toadstool look on the underside... and where did the gnomes go?

underside toadstool

In class the children made these autumn artworks,

toadstools made in my class by 5 year old

autumn tree made in my class by 5 year old

Oh, how I enjoy my job and all these children!

I made a pattern of the ‘What shall I wear’ quilt, and just this week I had one of those ‘can’t sleep’ nights and look what is happening now…

what shall I wear?

Yes I started making stitchery’s now! A perfect job for dark autumn evenings (and a fast result).

Wish you all great autumn days!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What shall I wear? 2.

“Hmm, what shall I wear today?” Of course it is very important to start with the right underwear.

What shall I wear ?  2 .underwear

So I go for the flowered set today ….. and now, do I want a dress or trousers or overalls ?….. I have to think a little longer…..
Curious? …more next time.

Look what a great gift Elizabeth from ‘creative breathing’ send me!!
She makes the most beautiful creative work, and she made this matroushka for me.

cadeautje van creative breathing

This matroushka found a lovely place in my house. Thanks you again Elizabeth!

Friday, October 3, 2008

What shall I wear? 1.

Some time ago I designed a quilt with all my favorite fabrics and colors.
Of course it took me a long time to make and finish this quilt. But now it has found a great place in our living room.

The title of the quilt is, "What shall I wear?"

What shall I wear?

I'm showing you the middle part this time.....
And here are most of the fabrics I used.

My favorite fabrics

Curious to see more? keep tuned.

Have a great week(end) everyone!