Friday, August 29, 2008


No I’m not going to share a recipe for a great meal. That can wait for another time.
I’m going to share the ingredients that keep me busy at this moment.

Ingredients for a new bag I’m making,

3 beertjes aug 08 035

Ingredients to make new drawings from ‘Teun and Pleun’.

3 beertjes aug 08 036

Two little figures that walk around in a school method for developing technique skills. The publishing deadline is coming up real fast. (So I better start drawing, in stead of blogging)

Ingredients to keep the family in good health,

3 beertjes aug 08 043 3 beertjes aug 08 042
I went to the market early this morning..

Ingredients to spoil myself,

3 beertjes aug 08 039

Bought these beautiful flowers at the market too.

And Ingredients.....

3 beertjes aug 08 048

to finish the border of this matroushka quilt!

3 beertjes aug 08 051

Well enough ingredients for a busy weekend!

Have a great weekend everyone with lot's of good ingredients!

Monday, August 25, 2008

In my mailbox,

Lucky me, Look what fell in my mailbox!

3 beertjes aug 08 020
I won the give away from vlijtig. She makes the most beautifull stamps!
(and other things)

3 beertjes aug 08 022 stamps The stamps are costume made for me and they come in a cute little bag.
I can use them in school just perfect! Thanks!

And besides working at school I’m verry busy with quilting the little matroushka quilt. It's almost finished, just two little squares and the border!

matroushka quilt matroushka quiltje 001

There are some new bag ideas bubbling in my head and in my body, but somehow they aren’t ready to come out. So I’ll keep on quilting.

Oh, I couldn’t resist this wrapping paper…

wrapp paper

Could you?

Friday, August 22, 2008

Three Bears and....

There once were, Er waren eens.... three bears.... (There are more in my collection to show another time)

3 bears 3 bears

I love the fairy of the three bears. And a little while ago I finished this stitchery. I found an old frame in the vintage store and framed it. (that's why the picture is shimmering)

3 bears

I bought this beautifull pattern (from 'the prairie schooler') in the most georgeous little stitchery store there was; Keeping Tradition in Antwerpen.

3 bears

We often went to Antwerpen in Belgium and visited this store. But then suddenly it was gone... I searched on the net to find its new adress, but did not find it.

3 bears 3 bears

As you can see down here it did sell georgeous things and patterns. If annyone could tell me if still exists? that would be great!

It's great to get inspired on the net! You see something and think; whauw, I want to make that too! And with a little bit of this and a little bit of that and a little bit of those you have a whole new design!
That's the way it's supose to go, Right? Well not always, My sisters tea-cosy (the one we sell in our shop) has been copied exactly (if it is for yourself only..ok..but you would not think to sell someone else idea!)! Whitout a question or little notice, or giving it a new twist.
theemut theemuts bl.
I know it happens more often, I think it's cheap and unscrupulous and shows no creativity!

Have a great and creative weekend everyone!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Hi everyone,
It's time to start blogging again. After great weeks of camping, lots of great meals, good wine and of cours visisting beautifull places and beaches (and lots of visits to the new sweetest babygirl my niece gave birth to).

zomervakantie 08 008 zomervakantie 08 083

Next monday school starts again. Time does go by real fast!!
Becouse the weather wasn't that great, I spend last week redecorating our master bedroom. New wallpaper, painting the ceiling etc. I wanted everything new! But somehow I just can't part with this lamp!

zomervakantie 08 120

zomervakantie 08 119

It's a vintage lamp I bought years ago. I love the sweet (kitchy) pink porcelain roses. So I cleaned the lamp real good and repaired the fallen roses.

Now I'm of in search for a new bed and curtains.

See you all soon!