Sunday, January 31, 2010

Opam project,

Although my sister and me are very busy, trying to get our swap in order for matching the partners, and sending all partner information..
I'm making up the balance from the ‘one project a month’ challenge (OPAM).

And the last little project I finished in Januari is this matroushka,

024 - kopie

A sweet hanger


Only a few more hours before our Dutch sisters spring swap entering is closing!
We are over a 100 participants!!!
Next week everyone will receive partner information.

I wish you all a good start of the week!


Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bear update and Swap update

"Hello elephant did you knibble at my foot??"

did you nibble on my foot?

"No, I don't knibbling. I do love leaves!"

"Hello big mouse, did you knibble at my foot?"

did you nibble on my foot?

"I do like to knibble... but not from your foot."

"Hello butterfly, did you knibble at my foot?"

did you nibble on my foot?

"Oh no, I only knibble in beautiful flowers!"

"Hey, you, little mouse, did you knibble at my foot?"

did you nibble on my foot?

"Ooepss"..... "Sorry... please forgive me... I'll never do it again.

I do know someone with some new fabrics.. maybe she can take care of your foot."

New spring fabrics

Yes I'll give little bear a piece of new fabric on his foot. But which one?

Tomorrow is your last chance to enter our swap!

Dutch sisters swap

We allready have over 90 participants!!
Next week everyone will recieve partner information.

Many greetings,

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Swap update and bear

Whauw, my sister and me are overwhelmed by the number of participants that already entered our swap! And the number is still growing!
It is so excited!!

Dutch sisters swap

But if you entered and we didn't send you an email yet
that's because we don't have your address!!
Please send a mail to dutchsisters@live .nl

"Ho, Hey, Wait..this post isn't finished yet!"
"...hello, I'm little Bear."

little bear

"Maybe you met me or one of my brothers before."
"You probably think," 'Ok, nice little bear... nothing special'
"Listen, something terrible happened to me!"

"Someone has been nibbling on my foot!!!"
"You better don't Look!!"

Little  bear with hole

"I feel very indignant and insulted!"
"I hope someone can help me quickly!"

Little Bear

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dutch Sisters Spring Surprise Swap 2010 CLOSED

This swap is closed

If you are longing for spring
If you want to have that spring feeling
If you want to be lovely surprised
And receive new fabric
You do not want shipping costs being to high….
This is the swap for you!

What do you have to do?
Find your two most beautiful spring fabrics and
cut of a fat quarter from each fabric. see this link
Then you make a lovely spring gift.
You can sew, knit, crochet, felt, embroider it!
It can be a anything as long as it is very pretty!
A little bird, a heart, a little doll, a small mini quilt, a house etc..
Wrap it up all pretty, and write a nice note to send with it because...
we believe notes make things extra nice!

make your gift so very special you almost want to keep it yourself!
The lovely gift and fabric has to fit and be send
in a large envelope.
This is it, nothing more nothing less!
Parcels must be sent on or before 21st March !

Who can join?
Everyone can join (with are without a blog).
Because this is an international swap
you have to be prepared to ship overseas.

You can sign up by;
Leaving a comment on either Corry’s or Heleen’s swap post,
be sure to include your email address if you are a no-reply/ anonymous commenter.
Then you mail your e-mail address, real name and home mail address
and also your blog address, if you have one to

The sign up will close on January 31, 11.59 p.m. (CET time).

We will match up and send out partner information the following week.
Once you receive your partner's details you can send her an email
to say hello and introduce yourself.

Please send an email to and your partner
to confirm that you’ve sent your parcel.

Once you received your ‘spring surprises’ could you please blog about them
(if possible) to publicly thank your partner.
If your partner doesn’t have a blog
you can post and show your own makings on your blog
so we all can see your wonderful spring surprises.

If you have a blog feel free to add this swap button in your sidebar
Thank you!

Don't hasitate any longer and join us!


Friday, January 22, 2010

Hello Birds, tutorial

In our class in school we made birdhouses and birds with the children,

needle felt bird in lovely house

My colleague made the beautiful houses with them,

birds in houses

And I needlefelted the birds with the children.

They are really nice and easy to make! So here is a tutorial;

You'll need,

needle felt bird tutorial needle felt bird tutorial

Needle felt wool, feathers, a little piece of red felt fabric and a feltneedle,

needle felt bird tutorial

first make a little cocoon,

needle felt bird tutorial

Than take the feltneedle and poke up and down till the cocoon (bird body) is a bit firm.

needle felt bird tutorial

Now choose a different color for the wings and poke them to the body. One on each side.

needle felt bird tutorial

Take the scissors and make a cut on one side of the body.(the butt)

needle felt bird tutorial

Choose a feather and put it in the little hole (the butt). Than poke a bit on the wool to make the feather tight.

needle felt bird tutorial

For the eyes you can use beads or a dark color of wool.

needle felt bird tutorial

The last thing you have to do is take the small piece of red felt fabric
and cut out the beak of the bird. Sew it on the front, and the bird is finished!


I know my English is poor but I hope the tutorial was clear?

Have fun making this little bird for yourself or with children!


Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Look who is taking a peep,
did you also hear her asking...


Is it spring yet?
Wish I could say.. yes it is!

Anyway my sister and me are thinking and wondering if any of you would be interested in joining our first swap. A spring swap, Sign up will be somewhere next week. First we have to work out the details.

Stay tuned if you want to join.

Maybe you have seen it in my sidebar, I joined "OPAM 2010", The one project a month challenge 2010.

There are lots of projects to finish around here, and I hope to show at least one each month!

For this month I finished these bags! And who knows, Januari is not over yet, maybe I can make a few more things to show!


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Nathalie Lete,

Some time ago in this previous post I showed you some cards from Nathalie Lete. I think she is a great artist! in the next little film you can see her working in a Japanese boutique.

I found this film on Fairytale Hausfrau's blog who also is an admirer of Nathalies art, and I wanted to share it with you.

Enjoy this artist and get inspired! (and the music is lovely to)


Friday, January 15, 2010

On the table... again,

on the kitchentable

It's like nothing happend since my last post, I had a full working week and now I'm just sitting and enjoying a little moment for myself on my favorite place!

on the kitchentable

The 'roze koeken' (pink cake)are unfortunately eaten..


While I'm sitting at the kitchentable I started to make a new little matroushka from the bag left overs.

on the kitchentable

There is only one thing I have to find out now...
What to make for dinner,
maybe this book will inspire me!

Have a good start of the weekend everyone,

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

On the table,

On the table lay my just finished bag and the new Flow magazine.

On the table..

I wanted to finish the bag before I get lost in this great magazine...
So now I'm off ready to Flow with a cup of hot coco and a 'roze koek'!


Sunday, January 10, 2010


Brrr it is cold!

A good day to finish these new bags!

new bag

and these

two new winterflower bags

or a good day to go ice skating with the kids,

my youngest

This weekend I did both!

Enjoy the sunday and have a good start of the week!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Red socks,

First I want to thank you all so much for visiting and for the many congratulations I recieved from you! Thank you!

Last year I asked my MIL to knit me some red socks, so I could decorate them for christmas and hang them by the chimney.

new knitted socks

But I run out of time last year so I stored them away with the idea to decorate them this christmas.
This year I searched and searsched, but apparently I stored them away a bit to good because I couldn't find them in time to decorate...

Warm winter socks!

But when I was clearing the house from its christmas decorations this week, I found them!
So now it is no more decorating for these socks! No, now I am wearing them on these cold cold days!

It's ice skate time

And see if I can wear them in my ice skates! (hope to show some ice skate pictures later this weekend)

Any way I'm sure my MIL is happy now, the socks are being used where they are meant for!

Before I leave for a round on the ice I'll show the new bags I'm working on,

working on new bags

Hope too see you again this weekend,