Thursday, March 27, 2008

A great easter swap

Look who's comming to live with us!

easter swap

She came yesterday! Isn't she a beauty, with her shoes, hat, dress, her beautifull long ears and look at the basket she's holding! I love it. Thank you Jane !

easter swap easter swap

Jane also spoiled us with this self made card, chocolat and stickers!

And of course, now I can show you what I made for Jane,

easter swap 020

I made this pink handpuppet Bunny that Jane called Flopsy,

easter swap 014 easter swap 026

And the easter bunny cards.

easter swap 027

Ones again this was a great swap to participate, Thank you Lucy for organizing!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

I'm back

Now, After spending a long week under this quilt.

easter swap 038

and using not much else then tea and this,

easter swap 040

It's about time to make a new post.
When you'r ill, time goes by while you are sleeping and resting. You know it, but still there are so many things you think you can do... but nothing happens.
Hands, body and head just can't do it. I think that was the hard part off being ill.
Anyway as soon as I was a little better There was the Easter Bunny Swap for Jane that had to be finished and send...

I will show you a little peek now and more when she received it.

easter swap 022 easter swap 025

And I started a new spring- bag! It's not finished jet but I'll show it anyway....

easter swap 032

easter swap 034

I think it looks fresh and cool, don't you?

With the easter weekend comming up I'm longing for the sun, warmth and lovely flowers!

easter swap 002

As you can see, I have taken care off the flowers! The rest is not in my hands...
Happy easter days Everyone

easter swap 041

Sunday, March 9, 2008

The continuation of my matroushka quiltje

Besides working, doing all the usual house keeping and re-organizing my sewing-room (which was verry necessary) I worked on my little matroushka quilt and made these.....

matroushka quiltje
Three in a row,

matroushka quiltje
Twin sisters,

matroushka quiltje
Mam with her two rascal kids,

matroushka quiltje
Mamie and her tiny, big, girl,

matroushka quiltje
We are best friends,

matroushka quiltje
Baby inside.

The next one are schoolkids,
matroushka quiltje

I'm planning to make 12 or 16 little square blocks, so there will be more...
But first I'm going to work on my easter-bunny-swap!

Have a good week everyone.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

What's in a box: 3

Well, I want to make a new bag, but somehow I can't get inspired to do it.
So therefore the next 'what's in a box'!

cross stitching sampler

No this is not a box whit was...

cross stitching sampler

For a while I use it to put the sampler in which I'm working on at the moment. (I must confess there are more boxes with unfinished samplers)

cross stitching sampler

For each child I wanted to make a sampler. The two samplers for the oldest are hanging in our living for years. But the last one....
Anyway I promissed to have it finished before he's grown up and living on his own.

cross stitching sampler

Instead of making a new bag or working at this sampler, I'm handsewing this..

matroushka quiltje 005

and this...

matroushka quiltje 008

to make a little new matroushka applique quilt. So that is another project to finish.