Thursday, June 26, 2008

Egg business and matroushka swap

As some of you know, we have three chicken. They belong to my youngest 9 year old son.
They are very tame and they lay the best eggs ever!
My son takes very good care of the chicken, he cuddles them. (we, the parents, feed and clean.) Nothing strange so far…
But today we (me and the other two kids) wanted to make a omelette, we opened the fridge to fetch the eggs…….mmm…..where did they go?

juni 08 093

Geuss what…. There’s a new egg store! And it’s located on our address!
Yes, our youngest is in business, making big money!

juni 08 094

And leaving me with his angry brother and sister!
Kids, aren’t they just a lot of fun!

Now look what Michelle made me in the Russian doll swap!

juni 08 058

juni 08 068

Aren't they sweetest ever! Thank you Michelle! This swap was great to participate!
Thank you katy for organizing it!
Swaps are so exciting.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Matroushka addiction?

This is what I made for Michelle from Gingham world for the Russian doll swap....

Dutch matroushka bag

I made her a matroushka magazine bag.
And it was so much fun to make this matroushka bag... I couldn't stop and had to make more...

Dutch matroushka bag

I made a bag for a friend and put the other one in the shop.

Dutch matroushka bag

And ofcourse There was somthing else...
The give-away for the 50th post, thank you all for your nice comments!
The winner is.....

juni 08 057 juni 08

Eileen from Eileen's Attic if you mail me your adress .............


This is comming your way!

Oh yes, matroushka addiction, I painted these too..

juni 08 037

Don't they look great whit the Oilily crockery! I made one for my niece, who is having a baby very soon. I hope it is going to look good in the baby room. The other one.. don't know yet?

Have a great weekend everyone!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

50-th post give away!

Yes, this is my 50th post!
So a good reason for a give away!
When I started blogging I was a litlle sceptical. 'Should it really be so great my sister always said'...
And look now I have my 50th post! I want to thank you all for visiting, for the great comments, for giving me new inspiration and for making me more productive than I ever was!

mei08 185

Above is a litlle peek of the give away..... If you want to enter the draw all you have to do is leave a comment before thursday June 19

And here is another peek, For the Russian doll swap organized by Katy My swap partner is Michelle from Gingham World. I hope it arrives on time and, most important, that she likes it!

mei08 176

Next week I'll show the entire pictures and the winner!

Have a good week everyone!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Amsterdam/ bags

Amsterdam,I love it!
As I said in my last post my doughter,DH and I went to the big city. We spoiled our doughter with a lot of shopping, new clothes, a visit to Rembrandts paintings (The nightwatch), a lunch in Café American, walkes through the canalstreets, a great dinner and a lot of personal attention!(we all enjoyded so much)
And very 'accidental' we stopped by the cutest shops, an look what I found there;

mei08 039 mei08 038

I bought this funny Dutch couple in a litlle paper shop.

mei08 040

They have found a great spot on the shelf!

And of course we couldend just walk by the quiltshop Den Haan & Wagenmakers,

mei08 057

Old Dutch Sitsen, and fabric with old children games.

mei08 053 mei08 054

Maybe I'll make a typical Dutch square quilt.

In the 'Sprookjes kamer' I found this;

mei08 059 mei08 047

And I recovered the button shop again.
One can say this was a satisfying day!

Last week I showed you a peek of my new bags, well they are finished!

mei08 084 mei08 080

I made three of these big shoppers, I use one myself and two for the shop.
The funny thing about this big shopper is that you can fold the top, and from large make it a medium size shopper.

mei08 166

Now I'm going to make a new matroushka, for the new swap that Katy from Ginger Monkey is organizing!

And I want to introduce a new blogger, Jacoline from (Netherlands) New Zeland,
Her blog is Lovely living.
If you'r stopping by, please tell her I said 'hi'.

Have a nice weekend everyone!