Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lucky me and paper bags

Erna from Blij als mij had a give- away and yes, yes, yes, I was the Lucky winner!
Look how great she made this,

okt. 08 165

She wrapped it so sweet,

okt. 08 161

I wear the ribbon with the two little toadstools around my neck!
Thanks Erna, I love it!!
And talking about wrapping…. Since I was a child we made paper gift bags. I did not make them for a long time but Last week my daughter and her friends made these gift bags!

how to make a paper gift bag

They are easy to make and always great to put a gift or treat in.
So I thought a little tutorial for all who want to make some too.

I always ask in the paint shop for free wallpaper books because wallpaper is just right to use for these bags.

how to make a paper gift bag how to make a paper gift bag

You can make any size of gift bag, I’ll show you how to do it.
1, Cut a piece of paper

how to make a paper gift bag how to make a paper gift bag

2, fold about 4 cm to the inside. Search for a right-angled firm box and fold the paper around it, the side and the bottom and glue it well.

how to make a paper gift bag how to make a paper gift bag

3, Be ware to make sharp fold lines. Fold both sides inside. then take the perforator and punch little wholes.

4, take a nice ribbon, put it thrue the wholes and Ready!

how to make a paper gift bag

The bags will be graet when you decorate them, you can do it before folding and glueing or after.

how to make a paper gift bag

And talking about bags and decorating, here a first picture of 4 finished messenger bags.

4 messengerbags made  from secondhand Oilily sweaters

Show you more next time!
Til then,


em's scrapbag said...

Thanks for the tutorial. The bags are adorable.

M.Kate said...

Heleen, tks for the tutorial, love the customised gift bag. Congrats too on your winning :D have a blessed weekend, big hugs :D

our shabby cottage said...

Oh, this (the tutorial) is great! I love your messenger bags too. The old sweaters are wonderful to recycle!

Heidi said... hebben we weer wat te doen dit weekend. Dank je Heleen voor de tutorial! Ik vind kadootje van blij als mij echt geweldig, zoiets kan echt je dag maken he?!
Je tassen zijn weer fabuleus, als altijd! :-)

Guðrún said...

It seems to be very easy to make a bag, thanks for the tutorial.

Eileen said...

Those are the most beautiful paper gift bags. Thanks for the tutorial.
And I was SO glad to see you were the winner of Erna's prize. It is fun to see your bloging friends win something so pretty! She did a lovely wrapping job too.

Jacoline (Lien) said...

De tassen zijn weer helemaal top. Geweldig gewoon. Moet een heleboel werk geweest zijn maar leuk om te doen. En bedankt voor de tutorial, wij waren aan het denken hoe we voor de asrts trail de oorbellen op een leuke manier konden verkopen. Hier is het idee. Erg leuk.

saffiertje said...

Thanx fro this great tutorial!!!!