Sunday, August 30, 2009

Working on the summerswap,

Today I made a start with the quilt for the summerswap and I want to give you a quick peek while I'm sewing...

mini quiltswap

I think it will turn out real nice,

mini quiltswap  a sneek peek

I do hope my swap friend will like it.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Back again

Hello everyone,

Thank you all for visiting and giving me sweet comments while I was away.
It’s been a while…. More than a month!

We had a great time traveling and camping on the French and Spanish Atlantic coast. Spending a lot of time at the beach,

surfing son

where the kids enjoyed their selves with the surf and skim boards. We enjoyed the nature,

fish food

the food (lots of fish) and the great wines!

And although we are back for a few days now, I can’t seem to get behind the computer. There is a lot of catching up, reading blogs, to do.
My plan was to do some quilting while traveling….. well the only time I had a needle in my hand was to sew a lost button on my daughters trousers.
But now it’s time to get my mind on the summer swap!

summer swap fabrics

I was in Middelburg today and bought two lovely rose fabrics. I think they will match with a little rose embroidery just fine!
I have one more week before the kids and me have to get back to school again, so that will give me the perfect time to make the little swap quilt (and to blog).

So have a great day and see you soon!