Thursday, February 26, 2009

Finished dutch fabric quiltje

Ok, this quiltje is finished

dutch fabric quiltje

And now the most exciting part... time to wash....

dutch fabric quiltje

hmmm... I don't know why I was so stressed about washing this quilt...
Can you see any difference?

washed dutch fabric quiltje

It turned out great!! It even looks more fresh than it did before!
thank you all for the great advizes.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dutch fabric quiltje

Last saterday we had one of those rare 'not have to drive and support my kids to their sports' saterday! So a good reason to go to Alkmaar in search of new fabrics and inspiration!
corry and me found typical Dutch fabrics and some lovely Room seven fabrics. Unfortunately they don't sell fabrics in the Oilily outlet anymore....

New dutch fabrics

But still a great collection!

Now I've been wanting to make a little easy Dutch fabric quiltje for a while.
And today I finally had some time to start sewing.

Dutch fabic quiltje

Of course it isn't finished yet, there will be a border around it and I want to quilt it with rather large stitches. I also have been thinking about washing the quilt when it is finished.... what do you think?

Friday, February 13, 2009

The best Tiramisu ever!

Do you like Tiramisu? Oh, I love it!
But now there is Tiramisu and there is tiramisu
I do not want to brag, no, but believe me I make one of the best Tiramisu there is!
I got this recipe from my dear cousin years ago and I made it ever since lots of times.


Today I will share it with you!
Try it, it is real easy to make!

What do you need,


3 fresh egg yolks
4 soup spoons of sugar
1 tray of mascarpone (250 gram)
250 ml fresh whipped cream
1 little bag of vanilla sugar (8 gram)
2 cups of strong coffee
A considerably dash of coffee liqueur (Tia Maria)
2 packs of biscuits I don’t know the word in English but they are the same as you use for a ‘charlotte’ here we call them ‘Lange vingers' = long fingers (maybe ‘sponge fingers’ is the right name)

To make the mass,
Mix the 3 egg yolks with 3 spoons of sugar. Put the mixer in the highest level and mix until the egg yolk mass is airy and has a light yellow color.

tiramisu tiramisu

Mix the Mascarpone a bit airy (doe er een scheutje advocaat bij, ad a little egg..)
Mix the fresh cream with 1 spoon of sugar and the vanilla sugar.


Now scoop all three (egg mass, mascarpone and whipped cream) together. Do not mix but scoop carefully!

Finish the Tiramisu,
Make 2 cups off very strong coffee and put it in a bowl and pour in the dash of liqueur.
Dip each biscuit quickly in the coffee and cover the bottom of the dish or baking tin until it is completely covered.


Now scoop half of the mass on top of the biscuit layer and repeat this ones more till you have four layers. (biscuits-mass-biscuits-mass)


At last you take a sieve and put in the cacao. Sieve until the whole top is covered with a layer of cacao.


The Tiramisu is finished! Please do not eat it right away becouse it will taste So much better after a night in the refrigerator!!
Before you serve make sure there’s a fresh layer of cacao on top!
You have to make this! It can’t go wrong! Goodluck!

While we enjoy my Tiramisu and a cup off coffee,

febr 09 001

I look at this great giftEileen send me.Thanks Eileen!
When my sister and I receive a bloggift or swap we climb in the phone and make time for a coffee visit with a cookie and a sweet burning candle on the table. So when Eileen send me this great gift My sister came over and we sat down. Than a few things happened so quickly…..
The phone rang, I was on the phone and meanwhile pointing to my sister to open the gift,
‘oh, great fabrics’ I heard her say, ‘lucky you, Oh Heleen, Fire!’ The wrapping paper was laying in the candle…
I took the paper and threw it in the sink. Pfff yes lucky me. Then again ‘Heleen fire!
The paper was still burning! Big flame this time! so water splashing and towel covering till it was really put out.
I was still on the phone ……and yes lucky me, lucky kitchen, lucky fabrics!

febr 09 005

have a great yummie valentine weekend,

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Valentine cards

Thank you all, now I know the Englisch word for 'kartelschaar' it's 'pinking shears'! I'll try not to forget.

valentine sweetheart

This give away valentine sweetheart is for Kathryn from Our shabby cottage.

Valentine cards, we do not have the tradition to send them.
But when I was in the Hema I fell in love with this box with lovely cards,

a valentine card box, Hema

So I might send some this year..

valentijn kaarten van de Hema

Than I thought about this old vintage card I ones bought on a market.

vintage valentine card

I love the way they painted the pictures in those days.
Have a good start of the week everyone!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Easy valentine sweetheart tutorial and give away,

It is almost Valentine! And for those who are very busy but want to make a little sweetheart...Or if you want to make them with your kids.. here is a little tutorial for this sweetheart.

valentine sweetheart

What do you need;

A piece of felt, thread, a little filling like a cotton wool pad, a needle, a ‘kartelschaar’ and scissors. (I don’t know the English word for ‘kartelschaar’ if you do please tell me.)

Step 1,

Cut out the paperheart (if you want glue it on firm paper)

Step 2,

Lay the heart on the piece of felt and outline the heart with a pencil on the felt.

Step 3,

Fold the felt and Cut out the heart with the kartelschaar (= the scissor with triangular curve) on the pencil line. Now you have two cut out pieces.

Step 4,

Embroider little flowers, dots and leaves on one heartpiece.

Stap 5,

Lay one (or more) cotton pad between the two hearts. If you want you can put a few drops of lavender or rose essence on it.

Step 6,

Sew the heart together with small stitches. Now make a loop to hang it with. For a extra tough you can sew a little bow on it .
an readdy it is!

valentine sweetheart

This sweetheart is ready to go! If you want it just leave a little comment and make a chance on winning this valentine heart!

see you all soon,


Sunday, February 1, 2009

What is in a box and fat quarter swap!

what's in a box

My husband always wears a cotton blouse. And since I can’t remember when, I saved all his worn out blouses, with the thought to make a quilt from them.

in daddies blouse in daddies blouse

Now you most not think I always choose his blouses, with the thought in my mind ‘that print will do great in the quilt’. But very rarely I bring him a new blouse that ‘accidentally’ may have a the right color and print for the quilt.
Later the idea came up to make it into a family quilt. So I searched for all kind of photo’s , and with transform paper, printed them on cotton fabric.

In daddies blouse

My intention was to finish this quilt this winter! Unfortunately I have to say this is the first time this box is opened this winter…….. I know I still have time before the winter is ending.

Fat quarter swap!
Look how great this swap turned out!

fat quarter swap

Katy send me these beautyfull fabrics and spoiled me with a Oilily soap!
Thank you katy!

fat quarter swap

This what I send her.
This was a great swap! Thanks katy for organizing it!

It's always great to search and get new inspiration. I think the new magazine Flow is one of them.

new magazines

It is styled beautifull, and filled with nice new adresses. Here are a few,
stoffen en sloffen
and Rachel mount

Wish you al a great start of the week with lots of new inspiration!