Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hidden treasure

Can't show any new sewing.... my Pfaffie is out to a treatment disturbs That was promissed and verry necessary.
So instead I thought it's time to show you a hidden treasure.
The sweetest doll ever made,

Pongratz baby doll

The doll is made by Elisabeth Pongratz
She has a sweet wooden head and a soft body.

Pongratz baby doll

Her little crochet hat and the sweet knitted socks and underpants are made by her grandmother,

Pongratz baby doll Pongratz baby doll

I'm still saving to buy her a sweet sister or brother...
And until that time I cuddle and play with her every now and than..

Have a lovely weekend,

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Small things and a little bag

You know, I made these little ornaments,

Ornaments with a Dutch touch

Now they need to have something to put them in when they aren't hanging. So I made a little matching bag to put them in,

a peek inside

Actually I made 3 three little bags

three little bags

Also made a bag with ornaments for the shop.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Enjoying Autumn

I had to do some shopping, and walked by a 'chocolatier'... I could not resist them,
they fit so perfect in te autumn season!
And now after a hard working day I enjoy my tea with new autumn chocolate!

autumn chocolate

Is there a better way to start the autumn season?

Yes of course, walking in the park!
I'll be doing that after eating (to much) chocolate....

Monday, September 21, 2009

Small things, 2

I was in the mood for more small things,

With a little touch of Dutch

So I also made these,

Ornaments with a Dutch touch

Have a good start of the week everyone!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Small things,

I was just in the mood to,

make something small,

something a little Dutch,

something that matches the time of year,

small dutch toadstool ornaments

So I made some little Dutch toadstool.

Enjoy your day,

Friday, September 18, 2009


This afternoon while I was afterglowing our great day in Dordrecht,

(thank you lili M. for all the great tips, we visited great thrift stores, the museum of Simon van Gijn and we tasted whine in the Voorstraat.)

a packege arrived from Elizabeth

Enjoying the day

She send me the most beautiful fabrics with lovely 30's prints,


and there's a quiltpattern that came along to!
Dear Elizabeth how did you know I love all these fabrics!!!
And they match so great in our home, especially in our kitchen with my crockery as you can see on the first picture. But also with these,

My vintage French crockery

and with these.

Vintage crockery

Dear Elizabeth, Thank you so much!! I love it, you really spoiled me!
I'll make a quilt to brighten up my kitchen!
Can't wait to get started!!
But just looking at the fabrics, makes me feel so happy!

I'll just keep on doing some afterglowing!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I was just puzzling around with these fabrics and embroidered Dutch windmill


Now I'm just doing a bit of sewing,


But I'm still not sure what exactly I'm going to make....
Who know's I might get inspired tomorrow while we visit Dordrecht.

Let you know,

Monday, September 14, 2009

13 years old

What do girls do when turn 13????

13 year old legs

They polish their toe nails and watch their legs grow,

13 year old

They take a face mask, against their aging skin,

old movie

They watch 'new' movies,

grown out

They grow out of their clothes...
The advantage this time is that I can make new bags from her great vest!

Have a good start of the week all!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Last bits of summer,

This morning we enjoy from the last bits of summer.
The nice temperature, full grown garden,

last bits of summer

Eating the last blackberries that turn black,

last bits of summer

And watching how this little guy's hair grew this season,

strange man in the garden

Wish you all a great 'late' summer weekend to!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

New birds

On my last car boot sale visite I found these lovely birds,

sweet birds

I'm not planning to hang them in the house, no I want to use them for a new project.
Don't know what project that will be... maybe something like this,

messenger bag, vintage embroidery

Anyway, I have to undo the stitchery from its frame...

Is that glue?

Oh no, do I see old glue??

sweet bird

Luckely it has been glued only on the back, the stitchery is perfect!

natural print after many years

I love the natural print on the cardboard.

Our youngest has also some new birds. No not found at the car boot sale.
He had his mind set on a specific breed,

New hens

They are called 'Dubbelgezoomde Barnevelderkippen'. I do not know how to translate this for you... maybe something like, 'Double seamed barnevelder chicken'!
They are getting a bit accustumed in their new home, but look at me like I'm an alien.

Look who's back in our garden again,


Haven't seen him a few months but I hope he'll stay for the winter!

Well I'm off now, 'naar buiten waar de vogeltjes fluiten,
listning to the little birds outside!

Have a wonderful day everyone,

Saturday, September 5, 2009


On my mothers attic was this little house, she bought it once in a thrift shop, about 2 years ago. It is a money box. I told her I had a real fine spot for it! But no..she wasn't to persuade. So that was it. But look what she brought with the other day....


Am I spoiled, or not! I also put the house in my sidebar.

Sometimes it's great to get spoiled or to spoil ourselves a bit. I did, and bought myself these cards from Nathalie Lete

new postcards

new postcards

I really love her drawings!
Now I also spoiled myself with these Figs,


They were looking so delisious!
My dear cousin teached me a great recipi with figs and goat cheese and a bit of bacon. I'm already looking forworth to make and taste it.

But now it is time to show you, as promised the finished miniquilt for the summerswap.

Summer rose miniquilt

I called it Summer rose. Only have to put a little label on the back and than I can send it to S.....oeps almost said it. I hope she likes it.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

We went for new shoes for my son yesterday... when I saw these...

new shoes

Yes I know, now I'm really spoiled!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Getting ready for school and swap,

These last days before a new schoolyear starts,
the two oldest in the house are bussy covering their new schoolbooks.

covering schoolbooks, (jacket?)

Our doughter bought the lovelyest wrapping(cover)paper and notebooks from Pipstudio.

She also has the matching Pip school diary...

my doughters agenda

It all looks so lovely! I also need a new school diary... The Pip is adorable but a doughter can not have the same diary as her mom! That is not done!
So I choose this one from the Hema,

my new school agenda

What, do you sence a bit of jealousy??? No of course not, I'm happy she has such great taste! And I got all the wrapping paper that was left over.

It is my intension to take the bike to work more often this schoolyear, and therefor I needed a new saddle cover. (there is a whole in the saddle)

new saddle cover for my bike

The bike and me are verry happy with the new cover!

And here the last sneak peek of the summerswap

summer swap peek

The quilt is almost finished, only have to do the binding.
Hope I can show it in the weekend.

Til than,