Friday, January 30, 2009

A man on my mind.

My head is filled,

Filled with a man,

These last few days were filled with this man…

This man gave me no time to blog

He made me go to the library, to the bookshop, go through the internet…

He even made me paint!

He sure has a character!

No I’m not cheating on my DH!

But there really is something about this man…

Something about his colors, his head, his ear

I have been busy with this man,



Our next school art project is about Vincent van Gogh and we’re busy making all the preparations.
I have to finish these things before I can blog. So I hope to have some blogtime tomorrow or Sunday !

Till than!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Project Improv

Today I was at a flea market and bought this magazine from 1963. A cover like this, who can resist it!

cover, 'daddy is doing the dishes'

Dad is wearing mom's apron and is doing the dishes, while his two little girls wolk by giggling about their well behaving daddie. How things changed! (project improve? I hope)

But now, Project Improve,

I thought, peace of cake! make a block, leave the rules and improvise!
But I did not like my result... so I thought 'hup, het mes erin!'
I'll cut it in peaces.

project improve

Then I made an enormous mess...

project improve

let all boundaries go... and sew!

project improve

project improve

And that's what I did.

Have a good start of the week everyone,

Thursday, January 22, 2009

And the winner is.......

Thank you all so much for visiting and giving me the sweetest comments!
There were 78 people who participated this give away!

scrap sweethearts

My youngest son had the honour to pick the two winners,

and the winner is.....

And the winners are,

winner of this give away winner of this give away

Nicolette from De vliegende koe and Lili M
I hope you like your sweetheart.

I am participating the project improv with the colors pink and orange. I have been going trough my stach and this is the result.

pink and orange fabrics

So time to get started and hoping it is going to turn out ok.

See you soon!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Give away

Januari is my birthday month, so time for a give away!(or two actually)
If you want a sweetheart just leave a comment.

scrap sweethearts

Oh, and tell me if you prefer the red or the blue one. You can leave a comment on till tuesday.
Yes, another year older (and wizer?). I was spoiled enormous,

oilily crockery

New oilily mugs, a Mary Engelbreit calander, a book, matroushka candle and more.
But now it's time to go and read in my new book and drink hot coco in a new mug!

See you all wednesday!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bunting and sweethearts

My mother does not like computers….. although? Since my sister and I have a blog and a shop, a visit to my house is not complete if she did not see all the new posts! (And the blogs of the persons who visit ours). We try to persuade her to a computer course…. But still no results. She does like to contribute every now and then.
And now she made lots of triangle pendent’s in all kind of colors. I wanted to make them into a new cheerful bunting, but the flags were a little tall.

bunting, flags

So I cut off the top and above you see the result.
This morning I sewed the scraps together and made these sweethearts


Just to get into the valentine mood!


Monday, January 12, 2009

Winter art,

Although the ice and snow started to melt today... I want to show you the art work the kids in our class made with my colleague and me.

Mister snowman

Mister Snowman!

Mister snowman Mister snowman

Drawn with oil pastels on black paper.

pompom snowman

Pom-pon snowman with needle felted hat, eyes, mouth and nose!

pompom snowman

4 lemniscaat penguins,

lemniscaat penguin lemniscaat penguin

And a winter display with paper folded penguins.

winter display in our class

Aren't kids the greatest artist in the world?!

Thursday, January 8, 2009


I have been planning to make a post about aprons for a long time.
So now here it is!

The Dutch word for apron is, ‘schort’ and just today I discovered another old Dutch word, ‘boezelaar’.

granny in apron about 1965 Granny’s apron

When I think back in time, my grandmothers both wore aprons all the time except on Sunday and in the evenings. When my grand mother died I always kept one apron as a sweet memory to her.

Than there is this sweetie,

our first apron

I always thought it was mine, but no, it's from my sister. She got it for her birthday when she was 4. We treasure it!

And this morning I was going through some old books in search for aprons.
In this book, from 1924, I found the new (old) word, "Boezelaar".

vintage book 1924

apron 1924 apron 1924

"apron for the servant" and "Reform apron" (1924)

vintage apron

vintage apron

vintage apron

And this week I finished restyling these two aprons for children.

Childrens Apron

Childrens Apron

We put one in the shop.

Well I'm off now to my mothers attic.... she just called, she has some old aprons...

Have a great day,