Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy new year!

First of all I want to thank everyone for visiting my blog and for all the lovely comments, Thank you all!
And Yes, I have been neglecting blogland these last weeks... (only a quick peek every now and than).

There were the preparations for christmas..

nov. 08 229

rooms to redecorate and a lot more little jobs that needed to be finished this year!

nov. 08 231

But now they are done! It's time go skating on the nature ice rink,
drink hot cocoa and eat Dutch pea soup and oliebollen!


This is my last post for 2008 and one thing left to say;
I wish you all a happy 2009 with lots of 'blog'joy, luck, hope, health and creativity!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

What shall I wear? the end....

Yes, this is the last time I'm going to post about this quilt.
There are two clothes to show and the whole quilt.
First to show is a pair of trousers in great colours..

what shall I wear?  trousers

and the last piece is my favorite winterdress....

okt. 08 005

And yes now, there is nothing more to show....it is time to unveil the quilt....

quilt, what shall I wear

The quilt has a fine place in the livingroom.

The pattern of the clothes and cabinet are in our shop.

nov. 08 212

The patterns are great for stitchery as wel.
As you can see on this next project!


See you all soon,

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Back home

nov. 08 076

Yes, I’m back. It was great! Good weather, great meals, lovely kids and lovely Gifts!
My kids and dh. also did a great job at home, I did miss them and they missed me but we all did very well!!
Here are some of the gifts I brought home…

nov. 08 072

I love all the colours!!!!

There is no time stay in a vacation atmosphere… there is the Dutch Sinterklaas and Zwartepiet and there is a Christmas coming very soon…. So a lot of shopping and work to do!
Hope to see you all real soon,
Have a great weekend

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"Ik ga op reis en neem mee?" (I'm going on a trip and I'm taking with me....)

Yes, tomorrow morning my sister, my mother and me are going on a trip for almost two weeks! I am packing my suitcase and what am I taking.......

First of all my pyjamas..


For a shopping day I want to wear a sweater with my favorite trousers..

What shall I wear trousers

And I need some socks and shoes.. for long walks and some for a chic dinner..

socks and shoes

Oh, talking about a chic dinner... I'll need this dress too..

party dress

Ofcourse there'll be more in the suitcase, books, sewingkit etc..

I must say.. I am a litlle nervous, not for the flying, but it's the first time without kids and dh for so long.But I know they will do just fine!
Well I'm off now, there is a lot more packing to do.

So I see you all in about two weeks, take care and till than!

Monday, November 10, 2008

New banner

Hope you like my new banner.....

niet wegdoen!

My sister, our shop and me we have different banners but the same style!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

A quick post for a new bag,

A quick post for a new bag...

warm red winterbag

The bag feels nice and warm... on a cold day you almost want to crawl inside...

winterwarm red bag

warm red winterbag

And a warm Thank you to, Kathryn from Our shabby cottage who gave me this award!


"Thank you Kathryn"

I know, now I have to choose 7 new bloggers for this award...... I can't.
There are so many great bloggers who inspire me. 7 awards would never be enough.
So, Therefore to all you creative bloggers This award is yours!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Being prepared and What shall I wear? 5

In the news there is a lot going on about Financial banking problems etc. and it can maybe effect us all in the near future. Well I’m not so much into financial stuff, but if it will get real bad look what I found:

"New from old"

okt. 08 288

"New dungarees from dadies old trousers"

okt. 08 290

"From mothers old coat, A new pair of trousers and jacket for the jongest."

okt. 08 297

"Nice suit for 13 year old" (made from a eveningdress)

okt. 08 292

As you can see I'm prepared!.... Although I wonder if my almost 13 year old daugther will appreciate a new suit........ Until then I have this jacket...

warm jacket

And mittens, cap, hat, and bag..

mittens, cap, hat, bag

I realy love these old books!(I hope you like the what shall I wear nr.5)

Have a good start of the week everyone.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tea cozy treasure,

End fifties my aunt and uncle imigrated to the U.S.A., as a lot of people imigrated in those tough years. The world was huge in those years, and my grandparents thought they would never see their dougther again. When they left, my mom made her this teacozy,


I love how she made and finished it with the band and lining.


As time passed by the world seems a lot smaller, and there have been many visits and warm contacts. On one of those last visits my aunt brought the teacozy back to the Netherlands and gave it to me.
I love and treasure it and it will stay in our family like one of those sweet family pieces.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

4 finished bags

Yes here they are, my 4 new bags!
It's always so much fun to figure out how to use the parts of a knitted sweater and fabrics in a bag. I hope you like them.

Pink winter, mesesenger bags

Pink winter, mesesenger bags

inside bag

I do like this pink flowered lining I bought it in the Oilily outlet store.

messenger bag, 'maple leaf'

messengerbag, 'Oak leaf'

messengerbag, backside

My son loved the golden inside pocket!

lining and inside bag

Time to start a new project!
Have a nice day,

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lucky me and paper bags

Erna from Blij als mij had a give- away and yes, yes, yes, I was the Lucky winner!
Look how great she made this,

okt. 08 165

She wrapped it so sweet,

okt. 08 161

I wear the ribbon with the two little toadstools around my neck!
Thanks Erna, I love it!!
And talking about wrapping…. Since I was a child we made paper gift bags. I did not make them for a long time but Last week my daughter and her friends made these gift bags!

how to make a paper gift bag

They are easy to make and always great to put a gift or treat in.
So I thought a little tutorial for all who want to make some too.

I always ask in the paint shop for free wallpaper books because wallpaper is just right to use for these bags.

how to make a paper gift bag how to make a paper gift bag

You can make any size of gift bag, I’ll show you how to do it.
1, Cut a piece of paper

how to make a paper gift bag how to make a paper gift bag

2, fold about 4 cm to the inside. Search for a right-angled firm box and fold the paper around it, the side and the bottom and glue it well.

how to make a paper gift bag how to make a paper gift bag

3, Be ware to make sharp fold lines. Fold both sides inside. then take the perforator and punch little wholes.

4, take a nice ribbon, put it thrue the wholes and Ready!

how to make a paper gift bag

The bags will be graet when you decorate them, you can do it before folding and glueing or after.

how to make a paper gift bag

And talking about bags and decorating, here a first picture of 4 finished messenger bags.

4 messengerbags made  from secondhand Oilily sweaters

Show you more next time!
Til then,