Friday, May 30, 2008

Fairy tales

In my class we have been working with the subject Fairy tales. It's one of my favorite subjects. We (my colleague and I) read the fairy stories, we sing fairy songs, make all kind of pieces and creative things.
We turned the housecorner into a castle with a large painted sheet.

mei08 015

And the children made art works from;

mei08 008

The Little mermaid,

mei08 007

mei08 009

Tom Thump in the boots of the giant,

mei08 011

mei08 004 mei08 005

castles etc.

And today I have my own fairy tale.
First there was this great box completely filled with beautifull bands and ribbons and laces. (thanks Iet)

mei08 029

Then I found this sewingbox in the thrift-shop.

mei08 034

mei08 033

My mom finished this,

mei08 027

(not for me but for her grandchild)

And I'm working very hard on these... (a peek)

mei08 023 mei08 020

until my own prince is comming home tonight to save me and take me (and our doughter) to Amsterdam tomorrow and have another fairy tale day!

Have a great (fairy) weekend everyone!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Catching up

Hello everyone, It's been over a month since my last post! Thanks for al the lovely mails and visits while I wasn't blogging (I did take a peek every now and then).
And now, yes I know, there's a lot of catching up to do.

First there was my son's 13th birthday. (it's unbelievable, I remember his birth like it was yesterday.)
There were curtains I promised to sew for my niece her baby-room, from the left-overs I made her this,

meivakantie08 098

Then there were two long weeks of vacation, we went away with the caravan to the coast. Finally there was the Sun, And it was so great! We Searched for shells,

meivakantie08 041 meivakantie08 044

walked on the beach, the kids were having fun with their skimboards, their was lots of reading and of course we had the greatest meals and bbq.
After these wonderfull weeks we threw ourselfs in school and working life again. And it's today I finnaly have the time to catch up with blogging live! The matroushka quilt is waiting all these weeks patiently to be finished, and it has to wait a litlle longer because I wanted to make these two summer-matroushka's,

meivakantie08 096

(I'm sorry but I just cant get enough of matroushka's) I love their bright colours!
And talking about bright colours, look what my mother made!

meivakantie08 082

She took some bright coloured fabrics from her famous attic and sew all little fabrics together and made this storage bag. Isn't it a beauty!

Well, there is more to show and tell but I have to go now.
Have a great weekend everyone!