Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sint-Nicolaas and Zwarte piet

Zwarte piet climbing on the roof and throwing presents down the chimney.

With the Dutch children, Sint-Nicolaas feast (5-dec.) is the happening of the year! The children at school and at home are preparing for this feast from half november till 5 December. So now you know why I was absent last two weeks, and neglecting my bloglife (I'm still so very busy)
Anyway I will share with you some of the things my colleague and I made with the children in our class for this feast.

two needle felted 'zwarte pietjes'


Three pompon 'zwarte pieten'

three 'zwarte pieten'made with oil pastels

A hand puppet 'zwarte piet'

And although Sint-Nicolaas and Zwarte piet are in the Dutch country, I did see these little felted christmas santa's snooping around.......

Friday, November 16, 2007


Recently Joni (Yummers) blogged about loving polka-dots... Wel, I also love polka-dots! I collect the colourful crockery from Oilily and Polish crockery.

As you can see ful of dots! On a pack of coffee sit a coupon with points, and with lot's, lot's of points you can buy a plate or a cup. I have my whole family collecting coupons for me! And, yes everyone who visit's can drink lot's of coffee. And birthday's always help to extend my collections.

Chicken, oh how I love chicken!
We have three chicken in our garden. They are really tame, they are funny ánd they lay eggs! How can we not love them!?
I also collect al kind of chicken stuff..
Now I was having one of these sleeples night's again, where all kind of thoughts and ideas cross my mind. When I started to calculate; polka-dots + chicken = polka-dot-chicken! And here are the results:

I think I'm going to make a polka-dot-chicken quilt as wel! Have a nice weekend everyone!

Monday, November 12, 2007

What's in a box: 2

I told you about being busy these weeks, and I am!! But I'm so addicted to blogging! I had to make a little message, so... here is my second "What's in a box" (tin)item.

It was hard to pick a box, but this one has special felted mandala's in it.

I enjoyed making these so much!! I can make these all the time.

This is a 6 star mandala. I think they look good and they feel so soft......

This is a nine star mandala.
..but there they are... in this box(tin)...and I don't know what to do with them??

Maby some of you have a good idea? Or, (and I'm o.k. with that idea,) I will treasure them a little longer in this box (tin)!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

My mom's vest....

Last time I blogged (I'm sorry it took me two weeks to blog again but I've been very occupied with school)I wrote about finding my mom's old favorite vest and I wanted to suprise her with a bag.
Today I finished the bags.
Yes I managed to get three bags out of the vest and fabrics! So now I'm going to suprise my mom ánd my sister with a bag.

I do, however, have one bag left. And if there is someone who would like it? I'm willing to sell it! It's the bag on the next picture, the bag in the middle of the three bags. You can mail me.

The next weeks I'll be occupied with the Dutch Sinterklaas and our school art project about Africa. But I'm going to try to blog as often as I can!