Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring surprise swap

Look how I have been spoiled by my two fabulous swappartners..
(Yes I had two swappartners.)
RosaMaria from Mexico and Sofia from Portugal.


First I opened RosaMaria's parcel and a there was a lovely lavender fragrance,
She made me this lovely quiltbasket!


And The basket was filled with more lovely gifts,


A lovely card, a little pillow with lavander, a sweet bag filled with buttons, some scrap fabrics and these beautiful fat quarterfabrics.


Dear, sweet RosaMaria you really spoiled me! Thank you so much,
I love it all!

A few days later came the parcel from Sofia.


A lovely box and card
and in the box,


a beautiful and perfect crossstitched place mat,


a great Portugese pastel recipe, two lovely expresso cups,


and two lovely fatquarters fabric.

Dear, sweet Sofia you also really spoiled me! Thank you so much,
I love it all! And Corry and me will have a cup of coffee from your beautiful cups and I hope with Portugese pastel!

I want to thank these two girls for participating this swap and making these beautiful gifts! It's great to have new blogfriends!

This is what I made for them,

A book cover a blue one for Sofia and

bookcover for Sofia in Portugal

for RosaMaria one in Pink colors.

bookcover for RosaMaria

With a little pencil bag and of course the fabrics.

My swap gift for Sofia My swapgift for RosaMaria

I loved making the bookcovers and little bag for them.

Hope you all swapgirls had or have a great spring swap too!
And don't forget to put your photo's on our flickr group

Have a great sunday,


Friday, March 26, 2010

My new skirt,

Ok, here it is
my new home made skirt!

My new skirt

What do you think?

My new skirt

It was great to sew something for myself again...I think the last time I made something to wear myself was about 10 years ago!

My new skirt

Next post is about the swap gifts I got, so keep tuned!


Thursday, March 25, 2010


A few posts ago I showed you this lovely book of skirts,


That my sister gave me.

Well I finally found a cute (curtain)fabric to make a skirt for myself!


Show you the whole skirt when it is finished. (and when it looks good...)
Talking about a skirt,
Look at this cute old Dutch costume doll and her enormous skirt,


Found her, yesterday, in the thriftstore.


I know it is not decent to look under a womens skirt... but


I think she doesn't mind.

'ding - dong' the doorbell.........................

The postman just brought me a parcel all the way from Mexico!


It's from one of my swap partners! RosaMaria!
(I have two lovely swap partners)

So I say 'groetjes' for now, I am off to open this swapparcel!
Yes of course I'll make pictures to show you later.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lazy sunday afternoon,

Going through some magazines,
drinking a cup of tea,
trying not to eat tooo much chocolate easter eggs...

lazy sunday afternoon

..and, enjoying my new tulips.


In other words,
I'm having a lazy sunday afternoon!

Have a good start of the week everyone!


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring, spring, spring

Hoera.... It is spring! (officially tomorrow)
Oh and it feels so good, I woke up real early and I heard the birds talking spring talk!


And talk of Spring..... the deadline is this weekend!
We hope you're making progress on your projects for your swap partners.

Dutch sisters swap

Because the postoffices are closed on a Sunday,
Monday 22th of March will be the last day to ship your items to your partner.
Many of you did already sent and received their presents.
And photos from the "Dutch sisters spring surprise swap"
are slowly showing up and there are some truly creative and amazing crafts.
Check them all out in our flickr group.

This morning I finished the 'alone in the world' bag.

fabulous messenger bag

fabulous messenger bag

I think it turned out real nice! I hope the next one will be ok too...
And now something else,

Let me introduce to you:


you'll be hearing more of him in the future....

Have a good sunday

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Strolling in the second hand shop,

This morning I went to the second hand store to find a new china bowl. I love to use them in the garden and this one was broken.. (frozen)


I did not find any nice china
I did find some stitchery..

second hand stitchery

This cute kids bell pull.

second hand stitchery

A fancy (little dirty) lady.

second hand stitchery

and this fantastic (a little over the in the world!

second hand stitchery

A few new stitchery's I can use for new projects!


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Shall we dance?

It's saterday night and time for dancing..
or a lazy night on the couch.


Or we can go to the movies..

010 025

Yes, I'll have to check out a good movie!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bag idea,

Just a idea for a new bag,
In blue or..

Dutch bag idea

In red dutch folk fabric.

Dutch bag idea

I'm just not sure yet,

working on a new bag

Meanwhile I love working on this romantic 'kitchie' couple.
Hope they'll do great on a bag to.

(still searching for the right fabric to make a new skirt..)

Many greetings,

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Spoil yourself,

Every week I try to spoil myself with lovely flowers or a magazine once in a while.
This week I bought these daffodils.


They where on the kitchen sink, in the plastic bag, for three days before I managed to put them in the right vase.


Spoiled myself a bit more this week with the new Flow magazine...


I browsed through the magazine and the first thing I see are these words!


And with these flowers, the magazine a cup of tea, chocolate cake and a bit of sun I really feel I did spoil myself!

How about you?
Did you spoil yourself?