Friday, December 28, 2007

Eighteenth birthday

After a peacefull and delicious christmas we started to do some housekeeping in the morning and birthday visiting in the afternoon.
It was our niece her eighteenth birthday! And eighteen is a special age! It's the age when you may vote for a government, it's the age when you can get a driving licence and drive a car, it's the age when you may buy firework for New Year's Eve.
I remember how adult I felt when I turned eighteen!

However on this birthday our niece gave me a present to open on my birthday (in the begining of January). But I was curious and weak.... and here you see...! Isn't it a great gift!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

A family christmas group

I want to tell you about this crib. My mother made this group in the first year of her marriage, around 1959. she made the puppets from newspapers, a little iron wire and fabric.

First my older brothers, later my sister and me played each year with this group. Then about 25 years ago the first grandchildren came and they played with it for years.... and I'm sure when there will be great-grandchildren they'll also play with them!

It always gives me a special feeling to unwrap the puppets and place them under the christmastree!

After sharing this with you I wish everyone A Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 14, 2007

What's in a box: 3 and another new (sold) bag

Today I bought and decorated our christmas tree. And so I had to take this box with christmas ornaments.

Some of them are gifts but most of them I made myself. Every year I try to make a new ornament.

Last year I made these hearts and before that I embriodered what you see on the picture. But what wil I make this year???

Yesterday I finished this bag! My mom gave me another (old) vest (to make more bags). And it was a challenge for me to make a different bag out of it with a new pattern. So here you see the result!

Just this evening my cousin came to visit and when she saw the bag she wanted to have it..

Wel I have to say, with the red boots and black coat, it does look costume made for her. So, another SOLD bag.

Thursday, December 6, 2007


The fourth of december we celebrate Sinterklaas feast at my sisters house (corry).
Because all the children (and adolts) don’t believe in the Sint anymore we make “suprices”. A surprise is a gift consealed in something made by the giver. This can be a gag or something else selfmade beautiful thing. And the giver has to write a poem to go with the gift. A lot of those poems are teasing ones! Everyone made a magnificent suprise! It was a great evening!
I had to make something for my dougther. I made her this dol (a homework partner). The gift was stashed away in the belly.

My sister made this 'Michelin'star for my husband. Who can cook great and now Sinterklaas gave him a star!

Yesterday we had Sint-Niclas'Eve, with a great meal and lot's of gifts for the kids.
This morning the kids are free from school to play with their new toys or.. to bake Dutch Speculaas (spiced) dolls. It makes the house smell so great! And they taste wonderful

Today Sint-Nicolas and his men are sailing back to Spain. So now we can focus on christmas! While the kids were baking I put a little christmas atmosphere together on this vintage tray I just found at the secondhand store.