Thursday, January 24, 2008


Becouse my youngest had the flu, I couldn't do much else than make little matrouska's and stay near by.
By the time he was a little better I had a full box with little matroushka's.


I know, I told you (in my last post) it would be a little quilt....
But it turned out a little different. As you can see!


While I was making them, each little matroushka got her own purpose.

There is the little messenger matroushka:

matroushka's matroushka's

The little perfume matroushka:

matroushka's matroushka's

The little key hanger Matroushka and a brooch matroushka:

matroushka's matroushka's

And there are the gift bottle matroushka and the cabinet doorhanger matroushka:

matroushka's matroushka's

I stil want to make a little matroushka quilt! My mom gave me these beautiful old Dutch sits-cotton.


(Den Haan en Wagenmakers)Which she bought in the store by Olga Prins.

Don't you Think they'll look gorgeous as little matroushka's.... to be continued!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Just for inspiration?

My plan was to make a quick post, becouse our school-art-project and the kids are keeping me very busy this week. I want to show you my Russian metroushka collection!


Just for inspiration, just to show how colourfull and cute they are!


My husband had to work in Russia a few times and each time he brought the most terrific gifts, as you can see!



Anyway, while I was making these pictures and unwrapped the dolls until I found the smallest, I got new inspiration!
And at the end of the evening I finished these..

and almost a second one..

Oh, Oh, I'm the worst person.. Instead of saving time I'm starting a new quilting project!!! I just can't believe myself. I'm a hopeless case..

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

New horse for an old doll and more bags

If you take a closer look at this picture... you might find a little horse!

No this is not a puzzle,
this is a picture with a little bit of my vintage dolls and a little horse I made from the pattern of an old book

I always loved old dolls.
I bought these when I was about 17 years.
And here is the little horse.
It was a 'try out'!
but it was a lot of fun making it!
In the book also was a dog pattern I'm looking forward to make it.

Is'nt this a lovely little couple!
It's an old Dutch postcard
with the dutch lines:

Kleine Jan zit met zijn buurtje
met twee katjes op het muurtje.

And now at last about my bags:
The last bag I made, disappeared as soon as it finished to my cousin.
But I still had some fabric, ribbon and pieces of that vest left to make one or two more. And so I started to puzzle and puzzle and look I managed to get three bags out of all this!
Each bag has the same basic pattern but with a different front.
Every bag has one or two little side bags. And the shoulderbands are adjustable in length.

All bags are lined with typical Dutch cotton fabric.

I love to make bags!

I have a new idea with a woollen cloth I bought in the secondhand store.. If I succeed I'll show but it might as wel disappear whit the trash.
In our shop you can find more pictures and information about the three bags.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Two sisters and their dream

This is a picture of Corry and me sitting in front of the tv on a Saturday afternoon.
We just came out of the bathtub, fresh and clean, wearing flannel pyjamas made by our mother. I'm the youngest one sitting on the right side.
Two little sweet! There was a time we didn't do many things together because of the age difference of four years. That doesn't seem much but when you're a child it is! Since we past that period ages ago we get along just great. The two of us have pretty much the same interests and hobbies. We both like to keep ourselves creative busy by making things. And we both like to shop and go thrifting.
For some time now we have a dream, opening our own store where we can sell self made goodies and our great thrifting finds. But with a busy life and both our jobs it probably will be a dream forever!
But a little shop on the internet...that must be manageable! So we decided to give it a try.

And after spending a free Sunday afternoon behind the computer we are proud to announce that our little shop is open!


Please feel free to check us out! It's a beginning, we soon put new items on.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy new Year!

First of all, I wish everyone a creative, healthy and great blog-year!
It was a whole new world I discovered since I started blogging.

This free week I was going through one of my boxes and found this pattern. The pattern of tiny bear. A little hand bear.
I bought the pattern about 10 years ago in a little store.
I made the bear for my son, and it has been in his bed ever since. (as you can see)

He used to put his hand in it and talk and talk and talk with Tiny bear!

Now I found this pattern again I couldn't resist making a new one...

And after this one I had to make a whole family! They are so cute to hold in your hand.

It's made from 100% cotton soft teddy.

Maybe I'll try to make them from other fabrics as wel?.