Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Collecting books

When we moved in this house this bookcase was costume made for us. The purpose was to have a lot of bookspace for a long time. But as you can see the books bulge out!


This is becouse I collect to many different book subjects like: art books, old fashion and sewing books, world fairy tale books, old schoolteacher-drawing books and, new and old children books.

children books

This time I want to share with you some of my old children books,

children bookschildren books

I love these old Charles Dickens books. The covers and pictures inside are so pretty! And what makes it extra special are the personal words inside!

children books children books

The next books are from the thirtyish and fourties. I just love the covers!

children books children books children books

And inside the Heidi book is this little dutch give away poem....

children books

Ik ken een meisje lief en fijn,
Daar zal dit mooie boek voor zijn.
Ik hoop dat zij nog jarenlang,
van dit mooie boek genieten kan.

children books

This book is my last acquisition. The title is 'Grey checked' look at the cover and the drawing inside.. I had to buy it!

children books

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Easter Bunny

Participating a swap can be verry inspiring. As you can see in my sidebar, I'm in to the easterbunny swap that lucy is organizing. This inspirid me to make these new friends....

valentine bunny 047

valentine bunny 048


This is Flappy


This is Flopsy


And this is Flosje

Thank you lucy! Keep inspiring me!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Valentine swap!

I am so happy!
Today, When I came home from work there it was! A parcel from my valentine swap partner Vanessa who lives in the U.K.
I'm so lucky, look what she made me,

valentine bunny 009

Isn't it pretty! I want to frame it and give it a special place.
But there was more....

valentine bunny 008

these wonderful chocolates (I had to share them with the whole family).......

valentine bunny 012

and she also sent me a stash of brightly coloured fabric, some lovely band and buttons and a sweet little flower. I love all the presents! What a succes this swap was, Thank you Vanessa!! And thank you Lucy for organizing!

This swap was so much you can see in the sidebar I signed up for the next one!

(if you want to know what I made for Vanessa Just look here!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy valentine !

In our country we don't have a long valentine tradition. Here valantine is starting to get popular by young people.(my dougther is very occupied with it) but mostly it's a commercial thing.
I think the valentine thought is a wonderful thing. A little book said that valentine is in origin a fertility feast celebrated in early spring time. Of course the heart is the most usual symbole for valentine, but did you know the crocus is also a valentine symbol (of carefree early love)

valentine 016 valentine 014

And that gloves were the usual gift for valentine in the 17th and 18th century.
I also red valentines day ones called 'bird-weddingday', people seemed to believe in those days that the malebird choose its female. And the most early valentine-cards are from the 16th centuary.

valentine 018

I don't think my dh will think about valentine's day today so I'll bought myself a little choclate and made these to decorated the house....

valentine 023

valentine 021

valentine 022

And for my valentine-swap-partner Vanessa from "monda loves" , I made this........

valentine 006

Sorry, it's only a little peek. I want it to be a suprise!
Happy valentine everyone!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Sweaters and vests

I wonder, 'why were there so little comments on my last post?' (LOL), hi,hi,hi
It seems nobody wants to be tagged...

Since I'm making bags from vests and sweaters, I always search for nice (old)new ones. And people around me collect them with me!
And I'm starting to get a nice second hand collection!Sweaters to make new fantastic bags!
And as I showed in my last post, I made this bag from an old Oilily sweater.

spring bag

This bag gives me a springtime feeling! And today it felt like spring is on it's way! Oh, I can't wait... we had enough grey days! We want to feel the sun!

And yesterday while I was going through these....

tassen 068

To start a new bag-design... seemed I have the "matroushka disease" Instead of making a bag from another sweater I made this....

tassen 048

I made something else but that remains a secret!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Oh my, oh my, I have been tagged by Ingrid from 'Supergoof weblog' And now I have to tell you 7 true things about myself!?

De REGELS van dit spel zijn,....
1. As soon as you've been tagged you name (link) this person on your blog.Zodra je genoemd bent, plaats je een link naar de persoon door wie je genoemd bent. 2. Put the rules on your blog. Plaats de regels op je blog.
3. Tell 7 things about yourself on your blog. Vertel 7 dingen over je zelf op je blog. 4. Choose 7 new favorite blogs and tagg them. And let them know they are tagged. Noem en plaats, de linken naar 7 van je favoriete blogs 5. Reageer op die 7 blogs zodat de auteurs weten dat ze getagged zijn.

1. I never thought blogging was so great, (addictive)! A year ago I would have said: "blogging, what's that?".
Becouse I'm blogging, I learned much more about using the computer...and, most important, I met so manny creative bloggers who inspire me! Thank you all!!!

2. Since I'm blogging my productivity has gone way up!! Thank you all again!!!

3. I do have more addictions, beside's blogging... like eating good choclate, drinking tea and a good wine, and I enjoy making meals with my husband and kids (and eating of course) and friends.

4. Because of nr.3 you maybe think I diet every now and then....I did...until I decided a couple of years ago to never, ever diet again..and guess what since that time I stay the same!

(This is me showing you another just finished bag)

5. And then, sometimes there is this little voice in the back of my head saying "what about your condition?" I know, I know, when am I going to do some sports???? Oh, I'm not so much of a sports women. But when it's not raining I do take my bike to the local shop to buy ribbons and buttons!

6. Another true thing about me, I collect toooo much;... different crockeries,.. old toys, matroushka's, olily things and boxes, fabrics, old children and fashion books, old hatboxes and other vintage things....

What's in a box 014

7. You probable understand, becouse of nr.2 and nr.6 I,m having a bit of a storage problem!

Well now I hope I did o.k. ... Now I've to pass this along to 7 others to share in the fun!
Oh my, oh my, who must I choose??? I can't do it! So now I'm taking the liberty to change the rules a little.....
So get ready....The first 7 people who visit this blog... consider yourself as just being tagged!

Friday, February 1, 2008

A fast week

Sometimes a week has gone by before you know! This is one of those weeks. I planned to do a lot of sewing on my matroushka's but it didn't work out!
There were long day's at school, the art-exhibition (about African art)....

klassefoto's extra1 klassefoto's 057

Here you see a few things the younger kids made.
The whole school has been working on this project and it's too much to show, but it was a great succes!

klassefoto's 061 afrika2

.... helping with homework and I had to help my 11 year old doughter a little, she made her own carnival costume this week! (Madame the Pompadour)

carnaval 046

The front, with the make-up on looks much better, but she didn't want her face on the blog.

But somehow I did manage to get started with these fabrics,

What's in a box 020

And made these...

What's in a box 017

What's in a box 021

Wel I'm going to fetch my kids from school, they have their carnival feast this afternoon. I hope they had a lot of fun being Madame the pompadour and a soldier.
Have a good weekend every one!!