Wednesday, May 27, 2009


A little time ago, on a rainy day, I went to a fleamarket. And for a few Euro's I bought this romantic stitchery!


Yes, I know it's terribly kitsch... but still I couldn't resist.
It has been standing in the livingroom, evoking all kind off remarks, untill today.


This afternoon I pulled it of its frame,


And throw it away!

No no no off course not...I came up with the Idea to (maybe) make a bag out of it! So I draped it over another bag..

a new bag?

Well, what do you think? will it be to much?

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Chair shopping? and almost finished.

I went shopping in search for a new chaire..... this is what I took home..
New camping plates and dishes in bright colors,

time for camping

It happens al the time, I go shopping for one thing and come home with something completely different. My dh. always wonders how I do it.
Anyway in the thriftshop I found this strange thing,

kapmantel, hairdressers jacket?

A hairdressers jacket, ( is that the right name for it?) 'Kapmantel' from the sixties. It looks lovely embroidered.

Remember this one?

almost finished

It has been waiting to be finished for a few weeks now. I guess I just didn't find the right fabric for the border. I'm happy to have found it now.
Between the border and the patches I sewed a little vintage ribbon. It gives this quilt just the little finishing touch.

And I almost finished handquilting the mini quilt.

almost finished

It's fun to work on the miniquilt and it is finished much faster as I thought... maby I'll make an extra one for the shop!

Have a good week everyone,


Monday, May 11, 2009


Today we all started school again after a two week vacation...
so a bit less time to spend quilting.
But this is how my miniquilt has turned out so far,

dutch spring mini quilt

The windmill in the middle and 4 tulips in the corners.
(hope you can recognize them as tulips)
Although it's not readdy yet,
I also started a miniquilt with ninepatch squares.

mini quilt nine patch

I'm off now using my precious time well... and start quilting!

Have a good day everyone!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

More 'Zeeland' inspiration,

We are still enjoying our time in Zeeland.
We went to the flea market and found this lovely bleu tea cup and embroidered linnen,

vintage tea cup

This book from the sixties, I just fell in love with the cover,

vintage book

and I scored these cute cards with on the back of one a sweet poem from a child for mothersday,

Old dutch clothes

In a small village Zoutelande there is a lovely quiltshop. We always have to hop in for a quick look... She sells crockery,

Crockery from 'Marieke'

fabrics and some other gifts. I hopped out with these lovely fabrics..

fabrics from Zeeland

Being here has inspired me to start a little new quilt.. secret swap partner!

inspiration from Zeeland

But beside quilting and visiting quiltshops and fleamarkets we visit the lighttower from West Kapelle,

light tower in West kapelle

we enjoy the beach every time of the day,

dutch beach

make long walks look at the beautifull horses and sun goning down.

dutch evening

Wish you all some wonderfull days!