Friday, April 18, 2008

No spring cleaning but a.....

I followed the advice most of you gave me and spent most of my time doing other things then 'spring cleaning'. ( I had to do a little cleaning becouse we don't want to live in a polluted house) So I started to make a new spring bag the same I made a few weeks ago (the other one was solded so quickly). But while I was working on this bag, the Idea for another one came up. So this is the result;

spring shopper bag

It's a spring shopper bag.
Now I'm going to finish te other one.

spring shopper bag spring shopper bag

My doughter just said, 'mom why don't you make a collection of different spring bags?' If I had more time I might just do that.

And there is also this quilt that wants to be finished!

matroushka quilt

Have a nice spring weekend everyone!

Thursday, April 10, 2008


I am not the most frequent house cleaner. I usualy have more important things to do.
But who can resist using these??

cleaning house

Don't they look gorgeous? Now I have to start the big spring-cleaning! Or maybe.... I have more important things to do .....

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Matroushka quilt in progress

Although it is not finished, I do want to show you how my matrouska quilt is developing.

matroushka quiltje 001

It's not going to be a large quilt, but it will be a cosy one! And I'm using only old Dutch Sits fabrics.

matroushka quiltje 007

There are three more pieces that need to be finished and sewn on the quilt.
I have to buy more fabric for the binding and for the backside. And after sewing it al together I want to needlequilt it of course.

matroushka quiltje 008

My mother gave me this sits fabric ones with these beautiful borders. As you can see I used the smal borders in between. I'm going to use the large border as a finishing border. So to be continued again!