Friday, July 11, 2008

Summer break

Yes, it's time to go, we are taking a summer break!
A little camping a good meal and who knows what else.

See you all in.... 4 weeks.

I wish you all a great summer vacation!

Greetings Heleen

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

spoiled last schoolday.

At the end of every schoolyear my colleague and I give each other a little gift, for another good year working together! And this time she spoiled me with this:

oilily tin collection

a little Oilily soap tin. And while I was putting this tin with the other tins I realized I never showed you my oilily tins and boxes.. so here they are!

oilily tin collection

oilily tin collection oilily tin collection

I love the bright colours and they each have their own use.
There are more but they are spread over the house.

At the end of the schoolyear our school kids spoil us to, they give us cards, drawings, candy, flowers and this beautifull rose,

Of course this is a strange thing, teaching is our profession, we get payed for it! But it does make me feel good and so spoiled.

Did I show you this completely finished little birdquilt? I finally finished the binding.

little bird quilt

so another finished project!

Good day's to all of you!