Sunday, February 28, 2010

Enjoying sunday,

This morning Corry and I went to a local fleamarket.
We love to stroll around to find lovely treasures.
I found these two girls looking at me,

028 030

OPAM 2010...
I don't know but februari seemed to have passed in the blink off an eye!
I did how ever just finish my swap gifts for Sofia and Rosa Maria... but these are secret so,


I can only show a little peek!

Yesterday the postwomen brought me these lovely fabrics from Denmark.


They are a sweet gift from Karen, She has a great blog that I love to visit! Thank you Karen I love the fabrics!

Although the weather is very bad I do enjoy this sunday, I hope you do also!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Almost spring,

Spring is on its way, I can hear more birds, it's feeling a bit warmer and the snow has melted!

a spring gift for myself

So a bit of spring (tulips) in the house!

Just another day

My doughter has been making a beautiful cake.... But it was eaten before I could take a picture of the finished cake!

swap fabrics??

Just a little peek,
not sure if this is going to be the right (swap)combination.....


Saturday, February 20, 2010

On the kitchentable,

The kitchentable is one of the most importend places in our house,

On the kitchentable...

And this is what you'll see on it today.
(my French plates are on the cover, well not mine of course)

The snow has finaly disappeared and the first crocuses are in the house!

almost spring!

Can't wait for the real ones to come out!

Today I bought a few more fabrics, so now I can choose just the right fabrics for the our springswap

fabric to use for the swap

Are all you swapgirls doing well?
I hope so!
And don't forget to show a little peek on your blog or to send it to our flickr group!


Friday, February 12, 2010

This and that,

Although I can't wait for spring to start, it is still very much winter!

I had a garland like this hanging on my door,


But after two days the poor thing looked like this..

All beries were gone!
So here is a another one for the hungry blackbirds and starlings.
The berries on bottom seem to teast best!


Again I bought some fabrics,


Every time when i buy fabric, the store lady askes me what I'm going to make.. and most times I have to say, I don't know. Guess I do have an addiction.

It is almost valentine so for you all a sweet kiss from me and I hope your heart will be spoiled this sunday!

Dutch colour hearts

and for those who want to make this little sweetheart

valentine sweetheart

The tutorial is still on the sidebar.

I wish you all e great weekend and HAPPY VALENTINE!

p.s. Dear swap friends,I find it so lovely that some of you write emails back and forth and become swapfriends. How neat is that!!
I'm so curious what you all will make for your swappartners!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Klederdracht in februari,

As you know I love the Old Dutch costumes, klederdracht, and its history.
So I treaded myself and ordered this birthday calander here And today it arrived.


Every month it shows a different place with its own old traditional clothing, styled in a modern way.

This month it shows a woman with a special cap on from Huizen


From some old books I have I made these pictures with more clothing from Huizen,


The colors of the costume of Huizen are a bit sober, but the beautiful laced cap (cornet)compensated that.


Here you can see that putting on a cap is a complycated business.

Now ofcours it is great we all can wear what we want these days, but I sure think it still is very pretty to see!


Friday, February 5, 2010

Februari and more

Yes it is februari. Time for the second tree picture!


I'm making a picture of the same tree every month, so at the end of this year I'll have a mosaic of twelve photo's!

Tree a year round
Januari Februari

'Hello everyone, It's me again, little bear,
look at my foot!'


'I had to pick my own color to mend my foot. And I was very brave so I got this yummie cookie!'


Swap news,

All 112 partner emails are sent out now. Some of you mailed us about not receiving the partner information mail... please check your spam folder. Sometimes mails end up in that folder.

Today we opened a Flickr group for our swap.Here is the link.
We would love it if you joined us! Please, remember its a surprise,
don't show pictures before your partner received her package!!
But a little peak to make us curious... yes, that will be great!
Hope you all will have a great swap!

Have a good weekend,