Friday, May 30, 2008

Fairy tales

In my class we have been working with the subject Fairy tales. It's one of my favorite subjects. We (my colleague and I) read the fairy stories, we sing fairy songs, make all kind of pieces and creative things.
We turned the housecorner into a castle with a large painted sheet.

mei08 015

And the children made art works from;

mei08 008

The Little mermaid,

mei08 007

mei08 009

Tom Thump in the boots of the giant,

mei08 011

mei08 004 mei08 005

castles etc.

And today I have my own fairy tale.
First there was this great box completely filled with beautifull bands and ribbons and laces. (thanks Iet)

mei08 029

Then I found this sewingbox in the thrift-shop.

mei08 034

mei08 033

My mom finished this,

mei08 027

(not for me but for her grandchild)

And I'm working very hard on these... (a peek)

mei08 023 mei08 020

until my own prince is comming home tonight to save me and take me (and our doughter) to Amsterdam tomorrow and have another fairy tale day!

Have a great (fairy) weekend everyone!


Yummers! said...

I absolutely love your fairy tale castle and the children's art work. It's all frameable!! Have the kids made and eaten Fairy Bread?? It's on my blog someplace.

And that peek at what looks like a purse... yes??... looks like something I'd love. I'm anxious to see it when it's done!

Have a fairy good weekend... tee-hee!

sandra said...

A summer purse... It's looking great! As always...
Enjoy Amsterdam! It's a lovely city...

Anonymous said...

Whatever you are making is already to my liking!!

Can you tell me where I can get the Dutch fabric? I love it!!

Take pictures in Amsterdam for all to see!! I would be delighted!!

Your students did terrific!!

Annemieke Keijzer said...

Wat een mooi kasteel hebben jullie gemaakt, de kinderen vinden het vast fantastisch!

Ben weer reuze benieuwd wat voor moois je aan het maken bent. De sneaks zien er weer veelbelovend uit!
Fijn weekend met je prins!

Hannah said...

Och wat een prachtige tekeningen zijn het, stuk voor stuk kunstwerken.
Ik ben heel benieuwd naar wat je aan het maken bent. Je houdt ons wel in spanning zeg.

Karol-Ann said...

Gorgeous artworks! At every picture I said 'aah". My son has just started nursery and is enjoying it so much.

eileen said...

Gorgeous find, that little sewing box! It looks to be in beautiful condition.
And all the children's artwork is wonderful! Love this post.

Katy said...

what a fabulous fairytale castle!
And a post full of fabulous pictures, I am drooling!!!

Thank you so much for joining in with my russian doll swap, I am so excited to see what everyone makes! Details will follow shortly x

Dana said...

Oh my! I love that sewing box and can't wait to see what your working on. :)

Marian said...

Wat is het toch heerlijk om met thema's te werken. Begin van het schooljaar zijn wij ook met sprookjes gestart. (als je wilt neem eens een kijkje op mijn klassenblog je gezien dat er een Russian doll swap is bij Katy? Je nieuwe werk ziet er kleurrijk uit, ik ben benieuwd wat het gaat worden!

Marian said...

De vorige reactie komt van Ik krijg nooit mijn URL geplaatst!

Guðrún said...

That sewing box is a treasure. I hope your fairy tale in Amsterdam was great.

the homely year said...

Hi, what a fun project for the children. Great doubt the braid and sewing basket will be really useful.
Have a lovely day in Amsterdam.
Margaret and Noreen

Mirre said...

That peek is looking very promising!

Leigh said...

I love all of the creative works in this post!

I hope your weekend was delightful!!!

Kitty said...

Oh wow - aren't those pictures from the kids, absolutely brilliant? Can't help but smile at those.

Lovely sewing from you and your mum - can't wait to see the whole picture rather than the sneaky peek! x

M.KATE said...

Beautiful, always love arts from children, so original and beautiful!! A trip to Amsterdam? So wonderful, are the tulips out yet? Have been to Amsterdam many years ago, love it!!! Wish i could go sooner. You have a wonderful weekend :)

Katy said...

Hi Heleen, can you email me with your address for the russian doll swap - katyejones at hotmail dot com. I am assigning partners tonight. thank you!

atet said...

I love that fairy tale castle and the children's paintings. Much too cute! Hope you had a good time in Amsterdam!

MariecusBruyn said...

Wat hebben die kinderen prachtige werkjes gemaakt! Maar jouw tas ziet er ook niet mis uit! Ben benieuwd naar de volledige tas :) Misschien komen er nog heel veel sprookjes uit te voorschijn