Friday, June 6, 2008

Amsterdam/ bags

Amsterdam,I love it!
As I said in my last post my doughter,DH and I went to the big city. We spoiled our doughter with a lot of shopping, new clothes, a visit to Rembrandts paintings (The nightwatch), a lunch in Café American, walkes through the canalstreets, a great dinner and a lot of personal attention!(we all enjoyded so much)
And very 'accidental' we stopped by the cutest shops, an look what I found there;

mei08 039 mei08 038

I bought this funny Dutch couple in a litlle paper shop.

mei08 040

They have found a great spot on the shelf!

And of course we couldend just walk by the quiltshop Den Haan & Wagenmakers,

mei08 057

Old Dutch Sitsen, and fabric with old children games.

mei08 053 mei08 054

Maybe I'll make a typical Dutch square quilt.

In the 'Sprookjes kamer' I found this;

mei08 059 mei08 047

And I recovered the button shop again.
One can say this was a satisfying day!

Last week I showed you a peek of my new bags, well they are finished!

mei08 084 mei08 080

I made three of these big shoppers, I use one myself and two for the shop.
The funny thing about this big shopper is that you can fold the top, and from large make it a medium size shopper.

mei08 166

Now I'm going to make a new matroushka, for the new swap that Katy from Ginger Monkey is organizing!

And I want to introduce a new blogger, Jacoline from (Netherlands) New Zeland,
Her blog is Lovely living.
If you'r stopping by, please tell her I said 'hi'.

Have a nice weekend everyone!


méri said...

Oh! So many good memories!
Lunch in Café American...
I've already seen The nightwatch, but the last two times i was in Amsterdam the Reichmuseum was under repairs and a very little exhibition.
I have to return to Amsterdam and I'll ask you for the addresses of those shops!!!

méri said...

I mean "...under repairs and only had a very little..."

Natasja said...

wow love the fabric and the bags!!

Karin said...

Wat een leuke blog heb je! Ik ben nederlandse en woon in Amerika. Ik hou de winkel site in de gaten. Deze laatste tas is prachtig! Mooie aankopen trouwens in Amsterdam!

groeten uit New Jersey,

Anonymous said...

Great pictures and I love your bags!

*Sweet*Caroline* said...

The bags are so dutch ;o) and just BEAUTIFUL!


groetjes van ingrid hg said...

Ben 'flieft' op de tegeltjesstof,....

LiLi M. said...

Leuke aanwinsten en wat ben je weer heerlijk bezig geweest! Fijn weekend!

Guðrún said...

I am glad you had such a great time in the big city.

Jacoline (Lien) said...

Hoi, erg bedankt dat je me hebt voorgesteld aan je lezers. En ik blijf vinden dat je erg mooie dingen maakt. geweldig.
Bedankt, Jacoline van Lovely Living

Sonnja said...

Je hebt leuke aankoop gedaan in Amsterdam.
En je tas is heel mooi!
Ik kom af en toe even kijken op je leuke blog

Sonnja & Beertje Zonn

Kristen said...

love your blog! your bags! your creativity - thanks for marking me on flickr...I plan to keep visiting your goodies for a daily dose of yumminess!

Peti said...

Ik ben ook zo dol op Amsterdam.En gelukkig onze dochters ook. Iedere keer zie je daar weer leuke winkeltjes. Leuke tassen heb je weer gemaakt, Heleen!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Your bags are gorgeous and I love all your shopping goodies! It sounds like you had a lovely trip! Lucy x

michelle said...

Hello! I am your matryoshka partner! I am so excited for this swap! My kids think it is so fun to be sending things all the way to you! Hope you are having a lovely weekend. You have a lovely blog and make gorgeous things! I love all the colors and fabrics! Michelle

Katy said...

oh oh oh oh oh. I need to go to Amsterdam!!!

Kitty said...

Amsterdam is somewhere I'd like to see one day.

Those bags are wonderful - I hope you're pleased with them?


Elly said...

Je tassen zijn weer enig!!! En die hele stapel stofjes... wat voor moois gaat het weer worden!

The Vintage Sister Studio said...

Love the photos...such goodies! I would love to visit Amsterdam someday.
Your new bags are very sweet.
Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Annie said...

Love the dutch fabric with children's games. What a lot of lovely things. The shoppers are very pretty.

Heidi said...

Those paper dolls are just too cute! The new bags are wonderful. Did you finish your martrouska quilt by the way? I seem to remember you were quilting it and it was amazing. Love the Dutch tile fabric and have not seen it before.

Hugs ~

martine said...

Wat heb je een leuke dingen gevonden in Amsterdam. De tegeltjesstof is super.
Tassen ook leuk. Zo heerlijk Hollands.

Gillian said...


I've been enjoying your blog for months now. I will visit Amsterdam for a few days at the end of July, and I wonder whether you could make a list of 2-3-4 craft/fabric shops where I could find Dutch-style fabric or craft materials?

You mentioned a couple of shops in this post, but maybe there are others you would recommend?

Many thanks!

Nan said...

Its nice to hear you had such a lovely time on your trip into the city. The paper dolls are so adorable, as are your new shopping bags you designed, great job!

the homely year said...

What gorgeous bags! and I love the fabric and buttons. I've only been to Amsterdam's a beautiful place and I've very fond memories of my few days spent there.
Margaret (and Noreen)

Hannah said...

Wat een prachtige dingen laat je weer zien. Je tassen zijn prachtig! En de aankopen uit Amsterdam vind ik ook erg mooi. Die poppetjes zijn leuk zeg, en prachtige stofjes. Dit logje is weer een feest om te lezen.

D@nielle said...

leuke spulletjes heb je gekocht zeg. En de tassen zijn super !

M.KATE said...

Very beautiful things, love all the blue around. Anytime shopping in Amsterdam will be fun :)

MariecusBruyn said...

Die tassen zijn mooi geworden! En helemaal in de dutch colours natuurlijk :)
Leuk hoe je op zo'n aankopen kan stuiten, hè. En gelukkig had je nog een plekje vrij voor je Amsterdammertjes!

Rose Marie said...

You make such interesting and colourful bags!

Diana said...

Ha! Zo wil ik ook wel shoppen! Prachtige tas en dan allemaal mooie stofjes + knopen + bandjes + papier erin ;)