Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New bags

Here they are, the three new bags. It took a while before I finished working with all ingrdients, but this is the result.

autumn bag

front and back side from autumn bag "chestnut"

sept. 08 121

sept. 08 124

front and backside from autumn bag "hazelnut" (sold)

sept. 08 107

sept. 08 108

front and backside from autumn bag "acorn"

sept. 08 095

sept. 08 097

I used the same lining with all three bags.

sept. 08 137

Now my matroushka quilt is finished, these bags are finished, hhmm, time for a new project maybe?


Jenny said...

They are just stunning and so well made-love them!

Eileen said...

Heleen.. these are fabulous. You know what I like about them?.. that yellow lining. That is SO CUTE!

em's scrapbag said...

They're fabulous. I love the colors. You did a great job!

Patti said...

These are just so very incredibly gorgeous! Words just can't describe them! Very lucky the lady who gets to carry one of these. I am green with envy!

Anonymous said...

They look so professionally done, especially with the colours and the quality. Looooveee them!

Kitty said...

They are absolutely gorgeous! x

Dotty said...

They are gorgeous bags. I love the colours.
I can't wait until i can make a bags like yours, they look so professionally made.

Guðrún said...

Beautiful bags. Do you really think you can find a new project :)

hannah said...

Prachtige tassen zijn het geworden!!

MariecusBruyn said...

Die zien er prachtig uit!
en zo lekker kleurrijk... Je weet wel hoe mooie tassen te maken.

Kali said...

goodness me, all your bags are creative delights!

dvora said...

Hi Heleen
Ilke your bag so mach they are so beautiful so creative with a lot of goodluck