Sunday, February 1, 2009

What is in a box and fat quarter swap!

what's in a box

My husband always wears a cotton blouse. And since I can’t remember when, I saved all his worn out blouses, with the thought to make a quilt from them.

in daddies blouse in daddies blouse

Now you most not think I always choose his blouses, with the thought in my mind ‘that print will do great in the quilt’. But very rarely I bring him a new blouse that ‘accidentally’ may have a the right color and print for the quilt.
Later the idea came up to make it into a family quilt. So I searched for all kind of photo’s , and with transform paper, printed them on cotton fabric.

In daddies blouse

My intention was to finish this quilt this winter! Unfortunately I have to say this is the first time this box is opened this winter…….. I know I still have time before the winter is ending.

Fat quarter swap!
Look how great this swap turned out!

fat quarter swap

Katy send me these beautyfull fabrics and spoiled me with a Oilily soap!
Thank you katy!

fat quarter swap

This what I send her.
This was a great swap! Thanks katy for organizing it!

It's always great to search and get new inspiration. I think the new magazine Flow is one of them.

new magazines

It is styled beautifull, and filled with nice new adresses. Here are a few,
stoffen en sloffen
and Rachel mount

Wish you al a great start of the week with lots of new inspiration!


Elly said...

Wat een heerlijke swap! Daar wordt je toch helemaal vrolijk van! En je quilt van oude overhemden vind ik ook geniaal, hoe verzin je het! Ah en net als je zus dus ook gek op tijdschriften zie ik, nou ik kan me daar helemaal in vinden hoor, ze vinden me thuis een echte verslaafde! Nou ja, ik kan ergere verslavingen opnoemen!Geniet lekker van het quilten en je tijdschriften, het is buiten zo guur, dat je het binnen maar extra gezellig moet maken!

Stephanie said...

What a terrific way to use your husband's shirts! It will be a very special quilt that's for sure. Looks like you received and gave some wonderful goodies in your swap.

What a shame we do not get Flow magazine in the US.

Guðrún said...

What a great idea this is, it will have lots of memories, both pictures and fabric/shirts.

sewkalico said...

That will be a wonderful family quilt. I imagine that you may be slightly influenced when buying his shirts ;-)

Jackie said...

What a terrific idea to make a family quilt with your husband's shirts. They really look terrific. But I have to say that my eyes are just drawn to that Oilily box and fabric that was sent to you. I just love them!! I can't wait to see what you do with them. I also love what you sent. Perfect swap.

Connie W said...

What a great post, I love all your photos.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What a great project to use your husbands shirts!Your swap goodies look gorgoeus - especially the soap box - so pretty!

Gillian said...

Oh Heleen! How I enjoy your blog!

I am shameless is directing my husband's choice of clothes along the lines of fabrics that will be useful in quilts!

But then, I admit that almost anything can be useful in quilts.

It is just that he likes colours that I don't. So, his clothes are my only sources of coordinating checks in blues, whites and other 'clean' pastels.

Now I have quite a collection, and not enough time to make all the quilt-ideas that I have. Still, I keep collecting.

astrid said...

FLow wordt een hit: je ziet hem op veel blogs staan: is dan ook superleuk. Wat ook goed is: van je mans overhemden een quilt maken: wat een geweldig plan.

Jane said...

lovely quilt idea and swap fabric especially the soap tin. Jane x

em's scrapbag said...

What a great idea for a quilt. It will have so many fond memories for your family especially your hubby. Your swap treasure looks absolutely fabulous.

LiLi M. said...

Ja ik vrees dat het weer nog wel even dusdanig blijft dat je gemakkelijk binnen kunt blijven om te quilten! Ik ben heel benieuwd hoe je overhemd familie foto quilt wordt. Wat is zo'n swap toch leuk. Zowel hetgeen dat je ontving; heerlijke stofjes en een oilily zeepje, de blikjes blijven prachtig, als wat je stuurde; prachtig hartje ook ;-).
Bedankt voor je tijdschrift tip, leuk, ik ben ook verslaafd!

Eileen said...

What a pretty swap. I love the fabrics and gifts on both sides!

Funny about your hubby's shirts. They do make wondeful quilts.. don't they? Can't wait to see yours all put together.

SillyCon said...

I really like your blog and style, your colourful posts are so inspiring!

M.Kate said...

Heleen, I am always feeling bright and cheery coming here, love all the colours.

Joanna said...

How wonderful to use the shirts!! I must say, I am in complete love with that heart shaped tin. I've never seen anything like it!! The colors on the tin remind me of your blog!!

Jacoline (Lien) said...

Je quilt van oude overhemden is geweldig. Wij hebben ook een familie quilt en die gaat ook altijd overal mee naartoe als we op vakantie gaan. En ik ga zeker een van je valentijns hartjes met de kinderen maken.

PINKA said...

heerlijke blog. Ik ga maandag meteen Mascarpone halen voor de tiramisu én de Flow-magazine kopen.



Anonymous said...

My husband wears the same type of shirts, and I have just been getting rid of them when they start to show wear on the cuffs or collar. I don't quilt but I like the idea of utilizing the menswear fabric. After mulling this for awhile, I thought I might try a patchwork scarf, since fabric scarves are so popular. Thank you for the idea!