Thursday, June 4, 2009


Can't believe another week has past since my last post. I wanted to show a finished bag (previous post) but I can only show the fabrics I think I'm going to use.

juni 09 012

Instead of sewing, we had a great loss this last week, after 23 year I had to say 'farewell' to my faithful friend. He was alway there without complaining.
Alway taking care of us so we can look fresh!

juni 09 002

But who can do without a friend like that? So now we have a new friend.. we have to get a little accustomed to each other. He is very shy, and hardly makes a sound. So every now and then I have to check on him if he is still ok. I hope our new friend will be verryyyyyy old!

Have a nice day everyone!


The French Bear said...

I was so inspired by everyone else sewing bags, I made one too!!! Now I want to make some more. I am anxious to see yours!!!!
Margaret B

Feedsack Fantasy said...

And may 'he' rest in peace. I hope your new friend will be able to keep up to the standards your old friend adhered to all those years. *wink*
TTFN ~ Marydon

the homely year said...

23 years is certainly a long friendship. Mine was only 18 years and I thought that was good.
Margaret and Noreen

willy said...

Dat is een erg leuk borduurwerk om te gebruiken voor een tas.
Toch eerst even wennen een nieuwe vriendschap na 23 jaar.

sewkalico said...

I am sorry for your loss, but all good things must end - or so they say. I have never had a friend last so long, but maybe this one will... Must say though, that my friend is not so quiet - is this a bad sign??