Thursday, November 5, 2009

Kitchen table,

It sure is drippy wet and cold weather, a real autumn day!

Rainy day

So the ideal day, after 3 working days, to take a slow start... read the paper, do some stitchery and blogging.

On the kitchentable..

The best place for all this is the kitchentable! Hiep hiep hoera for the kitchentable!

Here are a few new houses, finished at the kitchentable.

New houses

Now I do hope it'll stop raining some time today.. do need to do some shopping and detach myself from the kitchen table.



Gerry said...

Nothing wrong with kickin' back at your colorful kitchen table.
Your 'houses' are adorable and one great teapot.

Gerry said...

Just looked through your FOLLOWERs and couldn't find myself, hmmmm. so did become one of your Followers fer sure this time. Enjoy your blog.

Eileen said...

I totally agree. This is where you can get the most done.. and you aren't holed up in some room.. you are right out in the middle so you can pay attention to everything going on around you. Three cheers for the KitchenTable!

p.s. your camera makes even a gloomy day look gorgeous.

micheal jackson said...

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