Thursday, January 28, 2010

Swap update and bear

Whauw, my sister and me are overwhelmed by the number of participants that already entered our swap! And the number is still growing!
It is so excited!!

Dutch sisters swap

But if you entered and we didn't send you an email yet
that's because we don't have your address!!
Please send a mail to dutchsisters@live .nl

"Ho, Hey, Wait..this post isn't finished yet!"
"...hello, I'm little Bear."

little bear

"Maybe you met me or one of my brothers before."
"You probably think," 'Ok, nice little bear... nothing special'
"Listen, something terrible happened to me!"

"Someone has been nibbling on my foot!!!"
"You better don't Look!!"

Little  bear with hole

"I feel very indignant and insulted!"
"I hope someone can help me quickly!"

Little Bear


Katy said...

poor little bear!!!

SofiAlgarvia said...

Oh my God! Sew him a patch, quickly, I can't see a bear in pain!!!

Valentina said...

Little Bear, don't panic, tell mama, she can use a piece of felt and a felt needle and needle punch you back to health, it will be so easy and you will get a 'snoepje' after it is all done!
Many Cuddles,
Teddy and Bunny from Cyprus
Our Mami has to repair us all the time!

Ravenhill said...

Oh, dear me. Little bear needs some tender loving care. I hope he will be mended fast! :) This post made me smile.
~Emily xoxo

Sonnja said...

I love bears.
Bear regards,

Beertje Zonn