Friday, May 7, 2010


We are having a few cold spring days here.
But the postman brought us,
Corry and me this heartwarming gift,


made for each of us this sweet embroidered heart.
And also a beautiful printed linnen from her country,


Dear Karina thank you so much!

Bought these new fabrics for another little Dutch quilt.


Although I better finish this one first!


Wish you all a lovely warm day,


Willeke said...

Nice gift Karina made for you and Corry. I took me a while to find out from which country she send you the printed linnen, but I succeeded...

Anonymous said...

Love those little cross-stitched bunnies! :)
Vivienne x

Poppyprint said...

That linen is so beautiful!!

Dream on the wave said...

Wat een leuk cadeau, zeg. Ik moest ook wel even zoeken voor ik er achter kwam waar Karina vandaan komt.
Hier is het lekker warm en de zon schijnt volop. Is ook wel fijn want er hangen ons figuurlijk gezien zware wolken boven het hoofd, helaas.
Veel groetjes, Frieda

Hi! My name is erica. Would you be my friend? said...

That's so sweet! Love that heart!

sewkalico said...

Yes, it has been quite a cold Spring here in the UK too. Lovely new fabrics! I too, love starting things, but finishing is not nearly as much fun LOL

Knofje said...

Wat een heerlijke hollandse stofjes! Waar koop je ze?

Renee said...

What a beautiful little heart to add warmth to a cold day! Also love the "Dutch quilt" fabrics. So cheerful & makes me a little nostalgic for my "native country"!

Creative Breathing said...

Happy Mother's Day Heleen and Corry. Lovely heart for two very lovely sisters! Elizabeth

Annemieke said...

Ja het is zeker koud! Het wordt vast gauw warmer, in de tuin blijven de plantjes gewoon doorgroeien dus dat komt vast goed. Super leuk zo'n hartje met de post.succes met de quilt. Ik geniet er altijd van om de Hollandse stofjes te zien.

craftyles said...

I just discovered your blog through Creative Breathing and just love your colors and projects. I scrolled all the way back-couldn't stop. You are quite an artist!

godessunseen101 said...

I love them,
the bunnies are very cute !

Julie said...

What a lovely gift from your friend! Your quilts and all of your creations are so beautiful--love the colors you use...

Hope you're having a beautiful day!