Saturday, September 5, 2009


On my mothers attic was this little house, she bought it once in a thrift shop, about 2 years ago. It is a money box. I told her I had a real fine spot for it! But no..she wasn't to persuade. So that was it. But look what she brought with the other day....


Am I spoiled, or not! I also put the house in my sidebar.

Sometimes it's great to get spoiled or to spoil ourselves a bit. I did, and bought myself these cards from Nathalie Lete

new postcards

new postcards

I really love her drawings!
Now I also spoiled myself with these Figs,


They were looking so delisious!
My dear cousin teached me a great recipi with figs and goat cheese and a bit of bacon. I'm already looking forworth to make and taste it.

But now it is time to show you, as promised the finished miniquilt for the summerswap.

Summer rose miniquilt

I called it Summer rose. Only have to put a little label on the back and than I can send it to S.....oeps almost said it. I hope she likes it.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

We went for new shoes for my son yesterday... when I saw these...

new shoes

Yes I know, now I'm really spoiled!


Le petit Bonheur said...

I LOOOOOve the quilt!!!

The colors, the patern, ....everything.

Jackie said...

I love everything on your post today!! I just adore figs and they do look absolutely yummy. The quilt is just adorable. She will love it!! I can see why you had to pick up those shoes, so cute.

blushing rose said...

Ohh, Heleen, the quilt is gorgeous ... I wished I could sew, I'd have one of them. Beautiful ...

Have a lovely weekend. TTFN ~ Marydon

The French Bear said...

Ahhhh, I love the quilt, I knew it would look fabulous!!!!!
Love the shoes, and the little house!
What are you going to do with the figs?
I have always eaten them fresh, but I saw on someone's blog that they made a fig jam, looked interesting!!!!
Margaret B

sandra said...

Great post, great pics!
Love the quilt!

Gina said...

Love those shoes!

LiLi M. said...

Jaja je moet jezelf af en toe kietelen zei mijn vader zaliger altijd, maar gelukkig doet jouw moeder dat ook nog. Wat een schattig huisje. Ik zag er vandaag een paar op de Dordtse antiek markt staan, maar ik heb er zo snel geen plaatsje meer voor en dan koop ik ze niet, heb ook niet naar de prijs geinformeerd. Je quiltje is weer helemaal leuk geworden, lucky girl je swap partner! Wij hadden voor het eerst vijgen aan onze boom, maar door een totaal gebrek aan vijgenkennis hebben we ze te lang laten hangen. Gelukkig kon ik ze nog bij Appie krijgen (=kopen) om eens te proeven. Eet smakelijk!

Mark said...

what a gorgeous quilt!! Great spoils too :-)

Christy said...

What a sweet little house, so welcoming! Your quilt is so beautiful too!

nicolette said...

The Summerroses quilt is fabulous!!!

Iphigenia said...

Your blog looks very pretty and interesting. Admiring your talented work on the quilt!!!!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Your little house is so sweet! I love fresh figs - delicious!

Jennifer said...

Really, your blog is neat too.
The quilt is beatiful as well.

Jennifer Dalenberg