Friday, February 12, 2010

This and that,

Although I can't wait for spring to start, it is still very much winter!

I had a garland like this hanging on my door,


But after two days the poor thing looked like this..

All beries were gone!
So here is a another one for the hungry blackbirds and starlings.
The berries on bottom seem to teast best!


Again I bought some fabrics,


Every time when i buy fabric, the store lady askes me what I'm going to make.. and most times I have to say, I don't know. Guess I do have an addiction.

It is almost valentine so for you all a sweet kiss from me and I hope your heart will be spoiled this sunday!

Dutch colour hearts

and for those who want to make this little sweetheart

valentine sweetheart

The tutorial is still on the sidebar.

I wish you all e great weekend and HAPPY VALENTINE!

p.s. Dear swap friends,I find it so lovely that some of you write emails back and forth and become swapfriends. How neat is that!!
I'm so curious what you all will make for your swappartners!


The Hausfrau said...

What lovely sweethearts! And how kind of you to feed the blackbirds!

Willeke said...

Yes, it is very cold, again.... but this lovely hearts are very warming!
And thanks you for setting up the swap. Sarah and me are emailing and follow each others weblog now. I really enjoy it and it is fun to make the present. Another advantage is, that my English is getting better, at least I hope so.

Poppyprint said...

So snowy in Holland!!! I love all of your created hearts - they are beautiful. Those cheeky birds, stealing your berries - too bad!

RosaMaría said...

amazing fabrics! i have the same addiction too... beautiful black birds! and what a great way to feed them!

RosaMaría said...

almost forget... i'm in love with those hearts!

Marianne@Songbird said...

Ja de lente laat echt nog op zich wachten. Maar gelukkig weet jij je nog lekker bezig te houden met al die prachtige nieuwe stofjes.

Borboleta Serrana said...

Olá Heleen:D
Adoro estes corações!!
I love these hearts!!
Bom fim de semana;
Happy Valentine

Paintedpaper said...

What a beautiful wreath! Nice photos of the blackbirds! Maybe they thought you were going to bake them a pie! :) Stay warm spring is on it's way!

Creative Breathing said...

Happy Valentine's Day Heleen! I see a heart or two of my own in your mosaic! I just love them! I enjoyed your tree post very much and so look forward to each month's posting. Elizabeth

nicolette said...

Lovely hearts Heleen!

It’s snowing again as we speak!

The Mama said...

Do you sell the little dutch girl and boy material in your shop? I live in the U.S. and would like to find about 2yards of that material to make a couple of quilts with... is there material with windmills too? Thank you!

Snippety Gibbet said...

Awwwwwwwwwwww, what a sad thing to happen to your pretty wreath. I'm glad that you found another way to do it that gave you joy. jan

blueberries in the fields said...

Well, the blackbirds must have been happy to feast on your wreath. They are so cute, i love feeding birds and watching them from inside. Our winter here has been very strange. almost no snow at all, i can see some patches of grass here and there. but the wind can still be biting cold. I live in a country wherewe can expect big storm even at the end of March, so i must wait patiently for spring to come. i love the fabric you bought, wish i had a fabric shop nearby with such beautiful choices. Your hearts are so adorable nd cheery, perfect to perk up on a boring gray and cold winter day.
have a lovely week end ♥

ZenCrafter said...

Heleen, your hearts are lovely! I have the same response to the salesperson when I buy fabric or yarn. I love that feeling of unlimited potential that the new purchase has!!

Thank you for visiting my blog! Your (virtual) presence is a real treat.

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

That wreath is so beautiful! I love that the birds get to enjoy it too.

I. said...

Oh, wat heb jij een prachtige (en kleurrijke!) blog...!

Nog een heel fijne dag,
groetjes uit België van

Mª Clara Lloveras said...

It`s lovely!!!!!
I love all of your hearts!!!!!

No Tears Shampoo said...

beautiful! :)