Friday, February 5, 2010

Februari and more

Yes it is februari. Time for the second tree picture!


I'm making a picture of the same tree every month, so at the end of this year I'll have a mosaic of twelve photo's!

Tree a year round
Januari Februari

'Hello everyone, It's me again, little bear,
look at my foot!'


'I had to pick my own color to mend my foot. And I was very brave so I got this yummie cookie!'


Swap news,

All 112 partner emails are sent out now. Some of you mailed us about not receiving the partner information mail... please check your spam folder. Sometimes mails end up in that folder.

Today we opened a Flickr group for our swap.Here is the link.
We would love it if you joined us! Please, remember its a surprise,
don't show pictures before your partner received her package!!
But a little peak to make us curious... yes, that will be great!
Hope you all will have a great swap!

Have a good weekend,


carole ann said...

I love your idea about the tree, there was a tree right up the road from my house that I had wished I had done this, it was huge and beautiful. Too bad they had to take it down. Looking forward to your photos and the swap.

APL Living said...

Dat zal een mooie fotocollage worden!
Ik hoop dat er gauw blaadjes aan komen en dat het zonnetje er lekker op gaat schijnen!
(liefst morgen al!)

groetjes Arlette

RosaMaría said...

i love see how the trees changes so pretty fast! that is a great idea for posting!
about swap, i'm very excyting! and i'm start to work in it!
happy weekend Heelen!

nicolette said...

It will be wonderful to see all those trees at the end of the year!

Happy weekend!

Hi! My name is erica. Would you be my friend? said...

I'd forgotten about the tree!

Borboleta Serrana said...

A ideia de fotografar a mesma árvore, 12 meses, é do melhor;)
Bom fim-de-semana
Is a great idea
Happy weekend, Heelen:)))))))

The Hausfrau said...

Sweet bear! I'm glad his foot is better!

Levin said...

the tree photos is an interesting project. we have a beautiful gum tree in our backyard - gum's are evergreens so they don't lose their leaves but it would be interesting to photograph it anyway, just to see if there are changes through the seasons.
i love teddy's bandaid!