Monday, April 5, 2010

A productive easterweekend

What a lovely easter weekend we had, time to do some good sewing and this last day even the weather was fine for a long walk!

The book cover with the windmill is finished,


And I started a new one in the pink/red colors with stitched flowers on it,


They both will be in the shop when finished.

And I made a new bag for the shop..


It is a new model, a bit big, but I really like how it turned out!
As you can see it was a productive easter weekend!... and yes I also had some time to search for the easter eggs, that the easter bunny had hidden for us!

April so time to show the tree photo of this month,


It looks like nothing has changed, but if you watch very good....
you can see the tree buds growing!


Can't wait to show you the next tree picture in may, I'm sure it'll be so different!




You make such lovely book covers. and that bag must have taken some time.. it is gorgeous!

Meertje said...

Super mooie dingen heb je gemaakt.
Groetjes Miriam

the dutch purple rabbit said...

dat borduurwerk van je is gewoon super.
ik heb misschien nog wat materiaal voor je dat anders de prullebak in gaat. misschien kan je een doosje met dat matriaal sturen. mail me even.


Anonymous said...

Those book covers are so beautiful I can't stand it! The bag is really nice too. It's main design (the Señorita) is cross-stitched? Wow, that's a lot of work.

Hi! My name is erica. Would you be my friend? said...

I really love the tree pictures. I should do something like that...

Happy Easter! :) Hmm, my security word is appeeps. Peeps...fitting for easter. Do you have those there?

RosaMaría said...

love your new book covers and that bag is just fantastic!!

your tree is turning so beautiful!!!
happy week!

lifeinredshoes said...

You have been very busy:)

syko kajsa said...

Your book covers are absolutely beautiful!! Your new bag looks great too!

Anonymous said...

Oh Heleen your book covers are so beautful, I love them ! Great bag too. :)
Vivienne x

Jolijn said...

Oooh, zo mooi geworden!...


Anonymous said...

your blog is sooooo very pretty :o)

Dream on the wave said...

Mooi hoor die book covers. Ik moest wel lachen om dat zigeunermeisje. Ik weet nog dat die in verschillende huiskamers hingen, vroeger. Zo zie je maar, alles komt weer een keer terug, misschien in iets andere vorm maar toch.
Groetjes, Frieda

rebeca said...

You are so creative--the bag came out so lovely.