Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sewing time,

I could not resist...
Although I'm rather busy...
Just had to enter this new swap Sarah, from Red Gingham is organizing


Go check it out if you also want to enter!

Today the weather is so great, we had our tea outsite!

Enjoying spring in our garden

And 'bear' (= beer in dutch)is taking his first steps outside!
(he's doing great with the leach)

my first steps outside

My intention for today was to work on this new horse bag...

Bag in development

Oh well maybe I can find a little sewing time tomorrow.

Enjoy your weekend,


Michaja said...

Heerlijk he dat buiten zijn. Wij zijn hier ook alleen maar buiten!
Prachtig theeservies heb je trouwens. Ga eens een kijkje nemen voor de swap!

the dutch purple rabbit said...

ik ga ook een shortje maken. heb er nu al zin in.
beer is zo lief.


Sarah said...

Thanks for the advertising Heleen! I love you kitten photos! And that horse bag is going to be perfect for a horse lover. Well done.

hetty said...

I joined the apron swap too. Can't wait to get started. Beertje is so cute!

Christy said...

everything looks so cozy where you are!

Become a Blogging Expert said...

It seems that you have a lovely weekend with all that bright and sunny weather to enjoy. I will look forward to more of your sewing ventures as it help me learn different patterns.