Thursday, December 6, 2007


The fourth of december we celebrate Sinterklaas feast at my sisters house (corry).
Because all the children (and adolts) don’t believe in the Sint anymore we make “suprices”. A surprise is a gift consealed in something made by the giver. This can be a gag or something else selfmade beautiful thing. And the giver has to write a poem to go with the gift. A lot of those poems are teasing ones! Everyone made a magnificent suprise! It was a great evening!
I had to make something for my dougther. I made her this dol (a homework partner). The gift was stashed away in the belly.

My sister made this 'Michelin'star for my husband. Who can cook great and now Sinterklaas gave him a star!

Yesterday we had Sint-Niclas'Eve, with a great meal and lot's of gifts for the kids.
This morning the kids are free from school to play with their new toys or.. to bake Dutch Speculaas (spiced) dolls. It makes the house smell so great! And they taste wonderful

Today Sint-Nicolas and his men are sailing back to Spain. So now we can focus on christmas! While the kids were baking I put a little christmas atmosphere together on this vintage tray I just found at the secondhand store.


de vliegende koe said...

You are ready for Santa Claus now! Your display looks great.

Elly said...

Je zus bofte maar met jou, wat een enige suprise! Maar zij heeft er ook weer wat moois van gemaakt, heerlijk zo'n creatieve familie! Je kersttafereeltje ziet er heel lief uit, ik ga ook gauw beginnen!

Annie said...

I am adouring your beautiful bags, your felt, your drawings, your chickens,...your blog!!! fantastic stuff. Come and visit me in my flower garden.

Sonnja said...

Wat een leuke pop!

Groetjes Sonnja

Yummers! said...

I love to hear about other peoples traditions. I love your handmade gifts. My husband is such a great cook, I just might make him a star. He'd get a kick out of that.
Thanks for sharing!

Guðrún said...

Does your Sint Niclaa come back on Christmas eve or is it just that one day?