Friday, December 28, 2007

Eighteenth birthday

After a peacefull and delicious christmas we started to do some housekeeping in the morning and birthday visiting in the afternoon.
It was our niece her eighteenth birthday! And eighteen is a special age! It's the age when you may vote for a government, it's the age when you can get a driving licence and drive a car, it's the age when you may buy firework for New Year's Eve.
I remember how adult I felt when I turned eighteen!

However on this birthday our niece gave me a present to open on my birthday (in the begining of January). But I was curious and weak.... and here you see...! Isn't it a great gift!


Mevrouw Bijennest said...

Met cadeautjes krijgen (en geven!) blijf je voor altijd jong. Net als een klein kind MOET dat cadeautje natuurlijk open, ik snap het helemaal, hihi.

Errug schattig!

Annie said...

Love your present! I remember being 18 - very special indeed

Yummers! said...

The doll is adorable! What a cute idea to use the wire for arms and legs for an adult who will hang it. The wheels in my head are spinning and thinking of all kinds of dolls or other softies that would be wonderful gifts.
Post Christmas hugs,

Guðrún said...

This present is so cute.

Elly said...

~Wat een lief kadootje! De allerbeste wensen voor 2008!

kristin said...

it's a great gift indeed!! Happy New Year Helene!! xx

atet said...

What a lovely gift and happy birthday early to another January baby! Happy New Year! May it bring you much joy, love and stitching!