Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy new Year!

First of all, I wish everyone a creative, healthy and great blog-year!
It was a whole new world I discovered since I started blogging.

This free week I was going through one of my boxes and found this pattern. The pattern of tiny bear. A little hand bear.
I bought the pattern about 10 years ago in a little store.
I made the bear for my son, and it has been in his bed ever since. (as you can see)

He used to put his hand in it and talk and talk and talk with Tiny bear!

Now I found this pattern again I couldn't resist making a new one...

And after this one I had to make a whole family! They are so cute to hold in your hand.

It's made from 100% cotton soft teddy.

Maybe I'll try to make them from other fabrics as wel?.


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Those bears are gorgeous! Will you be selling them? Do you have an Etsy shop? Hope so! Lucy x

de vliegende koe said...

The teddy bears are sooo cute! I think the fabric you used is great for the bears, but they might be cute in corduroy as well, or tweed? Surprise us!!

Guðrún said...

Wow they are soooo cute

saraeden said...

Happy New Year !!!
Those little bears are very cute !

Sara x

dot said...

These bears are just adorable.

Leanne said...

The bears are just toooo cute. I love them. Where did you get the pattern?

Kate said...

Gorgeous bears!