Thursday, September 10, 2009

New birds

On my last car boot sale visite I found these lovely birds,

sweet birds

I'm not planning to hang them in the house, no I want to use them for a new project.
Don't know what project that will be... maybe something like this,

messenger bag, vintage embroidery

Anyway, I have to undo the stitchery from its frame...

Is that glue?

Oh no, do I see old glue??

sweet bird

Luckely it has been glued only on the back, the stitchery is perfect!

natural print after many years

I love the natural print on the cardboard.

Our youngest has also some new birds. No not found at the car boot sale.
He had his mind set on a specific breed,

New hens

They are called 'Dubbelgezoomde Barnevelderkippen'. I do not know how to translate this for you... maybe something like, 'Double seamed barnevelder chicken'!
They are getting a bit accustumed in their new home, but look at me like I'm an alien.

Look who's back in our garden again,


Haven't seen him a few months but I hope he'll stay for the winter!

Well I'm off now, 'naar buiten waar de vogeltjes fluiten,
listning to the little birds outside!

Have a wonderful day everyone,


Gina said...

What lovely birds... the stitched ones and the beautiful chickens!

Sandy Shirley said...

Heleen - What a wonderful find - the bird embroidery! I'm sure you'll turn them into something even more beautiful.

LiLi M. said...

Oh dat gaan weer plaatjes worden met die vogel borduurwerkjes, ik voel het! Die barnevelder dames lijken me ook gezellig, hier hebben onze buren kippen, midden in de stad. Ik geniet altijd zo van hun gezellige getok. Maar jullie hebben straks ook nog eens de eitjes!

creative breathing said...

Your mother's little welcome house is just the perfect image for you homey blog. I am fascinated by your son's new chickens. I can't seem to talk my husband into letting me have any. Your rose quilt is just a marvel to behold. I have sent your sister a surprise, next is one for you. It is very American, but I think right up your alley. It will be in the mail on Monday! Elizabeth

Jackie said...

Heleen, What a terrific bird post! Those stitcheries are just perfect. I can't wait to see what you will do with them. How perfect that those chickens are "double seamed"!

creative breathing said...

Dear Heleen, Package in hand at the post office I realized that I did not have your address! I only have your sisters. If you will e-mail it to me at I will have your package off to you next week. Not to keep you in suspense, I will post a picture of what I am sending your way! Elizabeth

The French Bear said...

I just love how you use the beautiful stitchery you find, you are so creative!!
What interesting chickens, their coloring is different, do they lay eggs? I love the ones that lay those wonderful pale blue eggs!!!
How fabulous to have all those blackberries!!!
Yum yum!!!
Margaret B

gz said...

I have a friend who has Barnevelders- handsome birds indeed!