Thursday, September 3, 2009

Getting ready for school and swap,

These last days before a new schoolyear starts,
the two oldest in the house are bussy covering their new schoolbooks.

covering schoolbooks, (jacket?)

Our doughter bought the lovelyest wrapping(cover)paper and notebooks from Pipstudio.

She also has the matching Pip school diary...

my doughters agenda

It all looks so lovely! I also need a new school diary... The Pip is adorable but a doughter can not have the same diary as her mom! That is not done!
So I choose this one from the Hema,

my new school agenda

What, do you sence a bit of jealousy??? No of course not, I'm happy she has such great taste! And I got all the wrapping paper that was left over.

It is my intension to take the bike to work more often this schoolyear, and therefor I needed a new saddle cover. (there is a whole in the saddle)

new saddle cover for my bike

The bike and me are verry happy with the new cover!

And here the last sneak peek of the summerswap

summer swap peek

The quilt is almost finished, only have to do the binding.
Hope I can show it in the weekend.

Til than,


Anonymous said...

I've been covering books for all Tuesday afternoon (kids are 8,5 and 5,5 years old). I'm waiting a few more years for them to do it themselves ;-)

Jackie said...

Those books look so pretty now that they are covered. Makes you just want to read more.

LiLi M. said...

Grappig: hier heb ik de Pip- en mijn dochter de Hema agenda! En mijn fietszadel heeft ook een nieuw jasje; dat delftsblauwe met de boertjes en de boerinnetjes. Gezellig!

Lee said...

Mooi Papier! I remember wrapping my books up when I lived there. they don't do that in Canada. It was also my first time with an agenda. Mine was Snoopy. since then 1981 I can't live without one! Dag!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I want a bigger peek! I'll just have to check back. I want that wrapping paper!!!! It is so lovely. It would make a darling quilt.

em's scrapbag said...

Love the book covers. That should make school even more fun. The bike saddle is adorable. Gotta love red!