Thursday, March 25, 2010


A few posts ago I showed you this lovely book of skirts,


That my sister gave me.

Well I finally found a cute (curtain)fabric to make a skirt for myself!


Show you the whole skirt when it is finished. (and when it looks good...)
Talking about a skirt,
Look at this cute old Dutch costume doll and her enormous skirt,


Found her, yesterday, in the thriftstore.


I know it is not decent to look under a womens skirt... but


I think she doesn't mind.

'ding - dong' the doorbell.........................

The postman just brought me a parcel all the way from Mexico!


It's from one of my swap partners! RosaMaria!
(I have two lovely swap partners)

So I say 'groetjes' for now, I am off to open this swapparcel!
Yes of course I'll make pictures to show you later.



Julie said...

I love your doll--what a wonderful find! Would love to learn how to make GOOD skirts--I need some sewing skills!

Hope you enjoyed your package!

Anonymous said...

Oh, your little Dutch girl tea cozy is such a treasure. Lovely tea pot under her, too. Wow.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see whats in your parcel from Mexico!!! :)
Vivienne x

Jenni said...

Wow..what a treasure to find at a thrift-store. My Oma used to create clothing for dolls dressed up in traditional dutch costume and the amount of time and love that was put into each outfit..Wow!

Michaja said...

Ben benieuwd naar je rok! En naar wat je gekregen all the way form Mexico!

Arianwen said...

Well that is gorgeous fabric it is going to be a stunning skirt.
I have been looking for the perfect skirt pattern. I hadn't thought of buying a book for it!

Hi! My name is erica. Would you be my friend? said...

Wow, I can't wait to see your skirt!!! That fluffy doll skirt's too funny. :D Have fun opening your parcel! :)

RosaMaría said...

yay for the parcel!!! (is great to see that mexican post is still using stamps)
can't wait to see that skirt!

LiLi M. said...

Aaah een theemuts, bijna een scheldwoord! Ik heb op dezelfde manier nog eierwarmers...mmm vergeten collectie? Ben benieuwd naar alle swaps.

wilmi said...

spannend!!!! allebei trouwens, ben ook benieuwd naar je rok!

Anonymous said...

Ik zit te twijfelen of het een friese of west-frieseklederdracht is. 50 Jaar terug op handwerkles maakte we zulke theewarmers maar dan gehaakt, ik vindt het nog steeds jammer dat de theewarmer die ik gehaakt had door mijn moeder kado werd gedaan aan een ver familielid. Gr. Cisca

The French Bear said...

Gosh, I love the tea cosy!!!! I may have to make myself one of those!!!
Margaret B

best said...

Such a beautiful tea cosy that is -- wonderful! I just can't seem to get something like this whenever I go thriftshop shopping. I'm new at sewing up catching up fast. Will set up my blog soon too.