Monday, March 1, 2010

March, Maart

A new month, 'March' = 'Maart' in Dutch.

This month spring will start!!
Today the sun was shining a little.. and ooh it felt so good!
And this month we finish and send all our swap envelopes with the fath quarters and a gift!

Dutch sisters swap

Of course there is also a new page on my Dutch costume calander,


Old Dutch costumes of this month are from Volendam, a characteristic Dutch fishing village in the province Noord Holland.


This how the clothes were around 1850 in Volendam.


And here you see them around 1950.
There has almost been no change.
These days everyone walks around in regular clothes.
Only a few people where typical clothes from Volendam, Maybe some for the toerists.

Now I do have to show you my monthly tree picture... Hope to do that on wednesday!

Until then


Lee said...

I loved touring around the Volendam area! Typische Nederland!

Jenni said...

I would love to see the Volendam area. My Oma had beautiful dolls with traditional clothing placed through out her home. They were made by my great grandmother. I was always fascinated by the secret pockets in the skirts, my Oma told me that was a special place to keep the mints to give to grandkids during church ;) she was funny.

rebeca said...

This is very nice. Now I've learned two new things today March=Maart and a little of Volendam histroy. thank you.

RosaMaría said...

this is the "shipping" month! what exciting!

Lori said...

Heleen, thank you for visiting me...i had a very nice time reading a bit of your blog...i love the post about the dutch costume involving those very large hats...and the post about the poor bear trying to figure out who was knibbling on his foot, that was just adorable...i hope you got him all patched up now:)

Levin said...

i LOVE your calendar! how lovely are all those old costumes.
enjoy the beginnings of spring :)

Anonymous said...

Zo leuk deze kalender.
zag bij zus ook al 1, maar deze wil i ook.
wat vliegen de maanden hé.

Zie hiervoor mooie plaatjes van een tip van de swap, ben benieuwd.

Leuke vooienmarkt oogst.
Zie jullie samen hollen over zo'n markt/winkel wie het eerste de leuke dingen vind !!??;-)


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March is really good month as far as weather is concerned slightly shiny with cool breeze at night and especially when you go to seaside